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The Beacon FAQ's

Home Page What is The Beacon?
The Beacon is a bi-monthly newsletter started in May 2000 by The Lighthouse Organization.

Who is The Lighthouse Organization?
The Lighthouse Organization is a BDSM play social group in Birmingham, AL.

How often will I recieve The Beacon?
Twice a month, on the 1st and 16th each and every month.

What will be in each issue?
You will get a calendar of events for BDSM functions happening near you for in 2 week time intervals. You will get tips on various BDSM activities and 2 BDSM web site reviews in each issue.

How do I subscribe?
Follow this link: Subscribe me! and enter your e-mail address you would like the newsletter to be sent to.

How much is the subscription to your newsletter?
Absolutely free.

How do I unsubscribe if I want to?
Simply e-mail us with UNSUBSCRIBE in your subject line or unsubscribe from this site.

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