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Home Page The Beacon is currently looking for advertiser's. It is our policy not to allow more than 2 advertisers per issue at this time and for each ad to be 4-7 50 character lines in length, or 200 to 350 characters in length total.

If you are an independent BDSM toy maker, a group, or other interest to the BDSM scene you can e-mail: with your ad and until further notice have it run for free. We will cancel your ad once we go to a paying schedule and re-notify you at that time. However we will accept donations for your ad.

Because we will only run 2 ads per issue, all advertisers will be run on a rotating basis. If your ad is for a specific date or event we will take that into consideration and not run this type of ad on a rotating basis, but for the issue or 2 before the date or event.

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail us at:">

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