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Are you or your family member  really ADD or ADHD? Check for an alternative diagnosis .

A Survival kit and seven habits for highly disorganized people are also covered in this months free ezine.

Alternate Diagnoses
Alternative Diagnoses
Symptoms ADS
Sensory Integration Dysfunction
Learning-Related Visual Problems
Nutrition Allergies
(Rapp, Crook
& Smith)
Normal Child Under 7
Inattention (At least 6 necessary)      

Often fails to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes
x x x x  
Often has difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play activities x x x x x
Often does not listen when spoken to directly x x x x  
Often does not follow through on instructions or fails to finish work x x x x x
Often has difficulty organizing tasks and activities x x x x x
Often avoids, dislikes or is reluctant to engage in tasks requiring sustained mental effort x x x x x
Often loses things x x x x x
Often distracted by extraneous stimuli x x x x x
Often forgetful in daily activities x x x x  

Hyperactivity and Impulsivity (At least 6 necessary)

Often fidgets with hands or feet or squirms in seat
x x x x x
Often has difficulty remaining seated when required to do so x x x x x
Often runs or climbs excessively x x   x x
Often has difficulty playing quietly x x   x  
Often "on the go" x x   x x
Often talks excessively x x x x  
Often blurts out answers to questions before they have been completed x x x x  
Often has difficulty awaiting turn x x x x x
Often interrupts or intrudes on others x x x x x

The excellent chart above is from an article by  Patricia S. Lemer, M.Ed. published by To read the full account click here.

The Survival Kit
A new site to help children with ADD, ADHD and Dyslexia was launched on Jan 31st 2001 in New Zealand. It has some excellent resources and advice for you if you have children in this situation. The Survival Kit , initiated by young dyslexics for other dyslexics, is from this site, and is only the tip of a mountain of information for you.

Donít be rushed.

Use technology or any useful aid.

Believe in your own talents.

Use your determination.

Learn appropriate strategies and use them.

Accept help or support.

Find the job or career that suits you.

Learn to relax!!!

Let Us All Help our Children

Find more at or click here

Seven habits for highly disorganized people

 Learning Outside the Lines offers seven organizing  basics: 

 1. Every notebook needs your name, phone number,  e-mail address, school address and mailbox number on
 the first page. 

2. Find a home where you always keep your notebooks. A backpack, messenger bag or spot next
to your desk would work well.

3. Choose and structure your notebooks according to
 who you are. This might be as pragmatic as associating colors with classes or scrounging binders at the Salvation Army. Identifiable binders also are a lot more likely to come back to you if you leave them behind. 

4. Giving yourself reasons to keep coming back to
your notebook is the surest way not to lose it ó
whether that means storing pencils in there or keeping a timepiece tucked into the front.

5. Avoid notebook crossover. If you accidentally grab your biology book on your way to psych class, it is still better to take notes on a loose piece of  paper than in the notebook you have with you. Otherwise, those notes are probably as good as gone.

6. Once a week, sit down at a coffee shop with all your notebooks and book bag and tidy up.

7. Transitions between places or tasks are when stuff gets lost. Do a quick mental checklist of three questions before you move: Do I have all the  books I brought to class ? Did I leave anything under my seat? Did I stuff any random papers someplace? 

   Learning Outside the Lines :
Two Ivy League Students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD Give You the Tools for Academic Success and Educational Revolution
US $10.40 Click here for reviews and to buy
Criticism for the public school system in the United States is nothing new; kids of all skill levels are slipping through the cracks at every age and in every city. Rather than attempting to change the system or point out it's failures, Jonathon Mooney and David Cole have created a practical guide to help kids jump through the necessary hoops to achieve whatever larger, postschool goals they may have. While much of the material is written for  kids who've received the label LD or ADHD, many of the suggestions can
 be just as helpful for those who've been labeled "gifted," or any other student who feels frustrated with the daily routine of standard education. 

 The introduction (personal histories of the authors) is great reading for  parents of LD or ADHD kids, and much of it has a humorous tone that makes it equally appropriate (and approachable) for discouraged adolescents. From the terror of weekly spelling tests to the few inspiring teachers and tutors the two encountered, the tales are equal parts
entertaining, poignant, and encouraging to others who may well be experiencing quite similar events. There's little discussion of what methods are right or wrong--ultimately, both authors take a fundamentally pragmatic  view, and it's "right" if it worked. A steady focus on study skills fills the
 majority of the book, and Mooney and Cole take what are generally pretty familiar stands on note-taking and test preparation and break them down into easily digestible concepts.

With different methods for different types of learners (visual thinkers are encouraged to use maps and brightly colored
 markers), students will find plenty of help in creating notebooks, focusing  their attention, and even appropriate ways of conducting the infamous  all-nighter. Including information on how to recover lost class notebooks,how to make the most of a syllabus, and "The Seven Habits of Highly Disorganized People," Learning Outside the Lines provides students with plenty of tools to further each reader's personal idea of success. --Jill  Lightner 
US$10.40 Click here to buy and for reviews

ADHD ezine  back copies and top ten books
ADHD/ADD Subscribe to free ezine
ADHD forum to find support
Links toADHD sites
ADHD/ADD books that will give you answers
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