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alright, here are the files. these are just bits a pieces  of music that i have written.

/ballad stuff

slow song part #1  (this is a sound file. it is also the main theme ..i had some ideas of incorporating it throughout the show..sort of a recurring theme)

these next two parts sort of lead into each other...they aren't all the way written out yet though.

slow song part#2   (just some optional part that i wrote that could be used it needed)

slow part#3


/fast part

beginning part#1 (this is a finale file)

beginning part #2 (MIDI file)

if you need any additional information on what i have done so far...just email me or call me. i definitely need some help on figuring out which melodies are the best and which parts i should keep or loose. i don't have to have this complete until the end of the school year. thanks ;o)