The following is coppied from the runescape forums. I wrote this myself and everythign here (other than the place, quest, and monster names, which are coppyrighted(i think) by JAGeX Ltd.) is my own work. I say this because I didn't feel like editing the things which were from the forum formating, and so that it can be interpreted in the intended way, as 8 seperate entities.

This is going to be a large (hopefully) thread dedicated to teaching new members things about members, and how to do things. Many of you might think that this thread is pointless and that everyone knows this, but some people don't so this is for them.

Table of contents:

Section 1; the Member's World
2. The Member's Gate (and dungeon) and east of White Wolf Mountain
3. Camalot, the Seer's Village and Catherbury
4. Ardugne
5. North and west of Ardugne; The Gnome Stronghold
6. South and West of Ardugne; Yanell and beond
7. Islands; Entrana and Karamja Member's side
8. Areas east of non-members; the werewolf village

Zebediah49 18 Jul 2004 01:28 SECTION 1: THE MEMBER'S WORLD

NOTE: For new people; it will help to have the world map open when reading this, so you can refer to it. One can get to it by going to the main page, under the manual section and clicking the "How to Play" button. Then click the "World Map" button, and let it load.

Post 2: The Member's Gate (and dungeon) and East of White Wolf Mountain

The member's gate is reached by following the road north-west from faladore. Once there, you are in Talvery. Talvery has a 2-hander shop and a herblore shop. It also is the start point of the Druidic Ritual quest, and farther north there is the Hero's Guild and start point of the Hero's Quest. To the south of the town there is the latter that leads down to the Member's Dungeon.

The Member's Dungeon is by far the biggest dungeon in Runescape. In the begining it has level 17 skeletons and other low level giant bats, chaos druids, and ghosts. Continuing on you get to the animated axes, the poinson scorpions and if you go south down the fork in thge path you get to the black knights. In the black knights there is a prisiioner named Valereke the Explorer. He will give you a dusty key, for the other part of the dungeon. The other fork leads to chaos dwarves, lesser demons, a gate that needs the dusty key to open, and blue and byby blue dragons. Farther there are hellhounds, black dragons, black demons poison spiders monks of zamrok, and the alters of fire and water (for making battlestaves).

Zebediah49 18 Jul 2004 01:28

Post 3; Camalot, the Seer's Village, and Catherbury.

After going into Talvelry we can see a giant mountain teeming with wolves. Across this mountain there is the rest of the member's area. If we do the Dwarf Fishing Contest quest, we can go under the mountain (see the dwarf in the little house on ether side of the mountain). After crossing if we go a little south-west you will get to an area teeming with people fishing. This is Catherbury, and it is mostly a fishing town, though there is also an archery store there. There is all the fishing spots there except freshwater, so you can catch most anythign, including big-net-fish, and sharks. There is a bank here, so it is a useful place to stop before or after crossing White Wolf Mountain.

If you go north from there you will get to Camalot, which is good for almost nothing but quests, which there are a fair number which refer to it. Continuing west from there there is the Seer's Village. This is mainly a woodcutting/fletching town, but it also has the Pary Room, which is used for drop parties in which things are droped in ballons so it is more fun. There is a bank at the Seer's Village, as well as many trees, includign Magic and Yew. Following the road to the south-west you go by Mcgruber Wood, which is also mostly useless, and then get to Hemenster, near the fishing guild. The Road that we followed passed over the Legends and Ranger's guild, as well as Keep Le Faye.

Zebediah49 18 Jul 2004 01:29

Post 4: Ardugne

If we follow the road that we have been following, we will pass a few farms, and a windmill. Continuing we enter the biggest city in Runescape; Ardugne. In the city there are many shops and stalls, 2 banks, tons of quest-related npc's and items, and one of the major pieces of thieving; Market Stalls. These are stalls that we can go up to if we have the appropriate level, and take goods of whatever kind the shop sells. These stalls take time to regrow however, like mining rocks. ANother problem with stealing from stalls is that rather than buyiong the product you just stole back, they tell guards or other nearby npc's (like lvl 70ish paladins) on you so they attace, also if a npc (guard of stall owner) is in line of site with you they will ether attack you or yell at you.

Only east Ardugne is this nice, however. If we cross the giant wall that seperates the two sides, we get to West Ardugne. Here it is depressing and terrible, though we need to have done the plague city or biohazard quest to get in. At the end of the area there is also the underground pass, a very nast place that is for the underground pass quest.

Zebediah49 18 Jul 2004 01:29

Post 5: North and west of Ardugne; the Gnome Stronghold

If we cross the river so we are in the west part of East Ardugne, follow the road north and emerge, we end up in an area that has a few things in it, including the waterfall and the main point of interest; the Gnome Stronghold. This area has an agility training area which lets us get our agility up from level one to hight levels which we can use to get to new areas or to take shrotcuts. In the stronghold we can do the Grand Tree Quest if we have done the Gnome Village quest already, and access the grand tree which has many shops, stalls, and 2 banks on the second floor. The third floor has 4 wacth towers which giv you a great view in the 3D engine. :) And the fourth floor has a prisoner and the gnome glider, which once the Grand Tree quest is complete can be used to go to Varroc, Al Kahrid, White Wolf Mountain, and Karamja. The stronghold also sports a Gnome-Ball court, and a spirit tree, which if you havce done the Grand Tree quest can teleport you to the forest north of Varroc, The Gnome Village, or The Battlefield of Kazhard.

Zebediah49 18 Jul 2004 01:29

Post 6: South and West of Ardugne; Yanell and beond

If we go back out of the strong hold and go into the west part of east Ardugne, we can go south out of the city. Wer can go south west to the Battlefield o***azard, or we can cross the bridge and continue south, past Many buildings with quests inside, and to the Kazard Fight Arena. This is basicly a gladiator stadium, and you can do a quest that involves killing all of general Kazard's people that he sends in to verse us. A little west of that there is the Teree Gnome Village which if you can solve the maze to get in, is a place that is useful after you complete the quest that you can teleport using spirit trees, including one in the tree gnome Stronghold (see above about the trees). After that, we can continue south of the Fight Arena to get to Yanille.

Yanille is a town with the magic guild in it, and though it has some stuff including the high-level-agility dungeon, it is mostly a outpost useful for it's bank. South of that there is the ogre city of Gu'Tanoth, which has a quest waiting inside. There also is the bigh chompy bird hunting start-point in the Feldip Hills, adjacent to the east to The Ogre City.

Zebediah49 18 Jul 2004 01:29

Post 7: Entrana and Karamja Mamber's Side

If we now go to non-members Port Sarim and talk to one of the monks near a ship they will offer to let us go for free to Entrana. If we say yes, they will tell us that we can't bring wepons or armor on the island, and that if we do to put them in the bank. Since we don't have anything we say "Yes, I'm ready to go", and the Monk quickly searches you. Then we arrive at Entrana. There are the items needed to make stew readily available, though the island is mostly for glass blowing, which involves getting seaweed, a bucket of sand and a glassblowing pipe. Everything but the bucket is provided, and the bucket can be filled with sand easily at the nearby sand pit. On the island there is also a chicken coop, which is for stew.

If in Port Sarim we go to karamja instead we can continue beond the Lesser Pits and go through the gate to the members area. Here there is a ship to Ardugne (the third way to get to members), some shops, no bank unfortunatly, and some quest stuff. However if we continue west, we get to a isthmus which leads to a gigantic island with slippery logs, angry natives, plagued cities, Jungle Spiders that don't show up as yellow dots on the mini-map, Jogres, and zillions of quest things. Agility is usefull here, with the jumps, slippery logs, and ballincing rocks that we are forced to navigate repeatedly in quests.

Zebediah49 18 Jul 2004 01:29

Post 8: East of non-Members; the Were Wolf Village

If we go back to non members and go to Varroc, we can then go east and north, past the Earth Alter (for those of you who have done runecrafting), and through the gate. We follow the road and go past mountains, till we get to a monastary, if we do the quest (started with the king of Varroc), we can go through the mausoleum and out the other side. At the completion of that quest, we can re-talk to the monk, and get another quest involvinga big swamp, and a dead druid. If we go more north when we come out, we get to the Were Wolf village and can go around there. There is a bank, as well as a few shops. If we attack a "Man" or "Woman" with the "Wolfbane wepon that the monki guy gave us at the completion of the quest, they stay levle 26. However if we use another wepon, they morph into their wolf-form and becomne lvl 73. If we had gone south however, we would have gotten to the marsh, with the ghasts. Here it is good to have tons of cheezy food, becuase the ghasts will rot your food (whatever kind; cookedmeat or Shark) or if you don't have any, they rot pieces of you. After completing the other quest, we get some items that allow us to zap the ghasts to a hardened state, so that we can kill them, and free their souls, gaining 30 prayer xp each.

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