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Yertian Homepage


Yerti was originally created with intent to be used as a stealth language for pratical jokes and pranks. Due to the combined efforts of some friends, it will now be used in a comic series yet to be posted online.

If you wish to see what is published, know that the standard for Yerti is New Yerti, with all of the vocabulary of Old Yerti. I have yet to post some extended lists of vocabulary, but they will certainly be availible when the comic is. I also plan on adding oddities to the grammar as I translate more into it and write more in it so that it isn't so artificial. There is also a "neologism" or character set in the works for this language that will be based off of Japanese characters, Roman characters, and patterns here and there.

Learning Yerti


Basic New Yerti (Current Standard)

Babel Script (Tower of Babel Story)

Translation of Silent Night into Yertian- Kode-sil

Interesting Things about Yerti