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Dream by Dream

Name: Yamato
Nick names: Yama, Yamato, Cato
Birthdate: August 16 1987
Birthplace: Toronto ON
Nationality: Canadaian
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black

Song: Real Emotion
Singers:Koda Kumi, Utadu Hikari, Dido
Color: Silver, Green
Anime: Inuyasha, Digimon, Star Ocean EX
Game: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Parasite Eve
Video Game Charecter: Aya

This is a wallpaper made by Twilight a very talented graphics artist.

Final Fantasy X-2.Net

December 18 2003
Well everything seems to be workign alright, except I can't get this stupid text to align on the right side...oh well. Hey I found a way around it now. I'll just push this to the right and insert images on the top right....I'm such a genius! The pics are all made by warious artists including Twilight Online Star and someone from NeoRPGIA.COM that i forgot.

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