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The WWE is just comming back from commercial when a cameraman hears rumbling comming from the garage area of the arena. He cautiously walks over to investigate where he sees The Coach and they exchange glances while walking closer to the garage. The rumbling is heard one more time and louder then before as they both step to the edge of the long ramp leading from the outside to the garage. The cameraman points his camera up just in time to see a red and yellow motorcycle flying down the ramp and riding past the two. It makes a circle and stops by the shocked and dazed Coach with the camera man still pointing the camera. Hulk Hogan gets off the bike wearing a hulkamania tank top and leather jacket with red and yellow pants and a red hulkamania bandana under his helmet. He takes off the helmet and puts it on his bike then looks at Coach and the camera man who are still scared and dazed.

.::Hogan::.Whoa...are you guys ok? you look like u got the hell scared outta ya, *looks at coach* did my motorcycle scare ya brotha?

.::Coach::.n..no..no im fine..but what are you doing here? i didnt know you had a contract with WWE

.::Hogan::. Yep thats right, im here in the WWE. The president saw what great skill i have and decided to make me part of this all star lineup..id say its a great choice too, i mean come on..im a legend, im THE legend..all the hulkamaniacs deserve to see me out in the ring

.::Coach::. Well do you have any plans for this fed..i mean u cant have come here just for no reason

.::Hogan::. Of course brotha..i got my reasons. First of all i know a couple of superstars in the back, we go waaay back,but thats not the only reason i came here, its business before pleasre as always

.::Coach::. And what exactly IS your business?

.::Hogan::. Come on thats a stupid question dude. My goals in this fed are the same as in any other fed..to have a good time, make some friends..and enemys, and most importantly to entertain the great fans and ALL the hulkamaniacs. And what better way to do that then to kick some major ass in the ring and become the next WWE champion brotha

.::Coach::. Well i guess that would be true yes..but u said u know a couple of people in the back..who are they?

.::Hogan::. Thats something youll have to wait and find out for brotha...and what was your name again?

.::Coach::. Oh my name is johathan Coachman..but people call me the Coach

.::Hogan::. Ok well nice to meet you Coach...but i gotta go get ready for my apperence in the ring..u know..gotta greet all my hulkamaniacs..let them know im back and better then ever. So you have a nice day ill see ya around brotha

He walks past Coach and the camera focuses back on him walking down the hall and going into an unmarked locker room as the scene fades to black and commercials air


The commercial comes back as the camera pans over the sell-out crowd in the arena. Hogans theme starts to play over the titantron as the unsuspecting fans start going wild with excitment. Hogan comes out from behind the raw sign and starts to taunt the crowd.

Here comes the Hulkster

He walks down the ramp and starts to talk to some of the audience and even pose for some pictures with the fans. he walks up the steps and gets in the ring where he starts to taunt the crowd even more

Hogan taunting the fans in the ring

He picks up a mic from the ring announcer and waits for the crowd to die down. They start chanting his name and he puts the microphone at his side and starts to listen as the camera shows the people on their feet out of respect. He picks up the mic again as his music stops and the cheering dies down for a little while

.::Hogan::. Wow..i dont know what to say, ive never heard such a responce before. See thats why i like the fans of the wwe, they know how to show respect when its due..so thank you all for that, but im not just out here to thank you and i dont need to introduce myself because i THINk you would already know who i am. So ill just get straight down to business. Like i told that announcer dude Coach in the back im here for a few reasons. One of the reasons is that i know a few people here in this fed. And i also didnt tell him who those people were, well thats because i wanted it to be a shock to the whole world when i announced who i used to know very...personaly. That somebody is a woman who thinks sleeping her way to the top is the way to go, and i wouldnt be suprised if thats how she made her way through THIS fed. You may have guessed already that im talking about your so-called womans champion Torrie Wilson. *the crowd seems shocked* Yeah thats right..your womans champion is nothing but a stupid slut! When i knew her a while ago, she did nothing but use me to gain her advantage...and im sure she did the same thing here in this fed to become the womans champion. Trust me..i wouldnt lie to you people, if that dirty slut has any arguments about it she can come and look me in the face instead of on her knees like shes used too. See I hope and pray that she loses her title, and im gonna do everything in my power to make it happen..but thats all im gonna say about that hoe for now, im sure shell have something to say about all this, after all i ruined her "perfect" reputation now didnt i...

Speaking to all the hulkamaniacs out there

.::Hogan::. Well now onto my next order of business out here. Im not just in this fed to make fun of sluts, however i could spend a week out here naming the hundreds of people torrie has "serviced" in just this year alone. No no, im also here to do what i do best, and thats entertain each and every one of my hulkamaniacs out there. And what better way to do that then to start kicking some major ass right here in the center of this ring. Now being that i just came here, i dont expect any title shots any time soon. See what ive learned about life is that things need to be worked for and earned, and thats cool with me..so ill take on anybody anywhere in any match, and ill come out on top and then when i prove myself enough and get my title shot against the sorry ass champion around here...the people will finaly have a REAL champion whos worthy of the title. Im not just a lot of big talk like some of the people around here, i can back up all my words with action..so if anybody back there wants to question me ill be happy to take you on..like i said..anytime anywhere any match it dont matter to me brothas..because im a man of action and im gettin a little bored around here, i mean ive been on the roster for some time now and nobody even knew i was on it much less wanted to wrestle me. Now i know some of you may be a little afraid..i dont blame you, but come on step up and take your chance...i cant be the ONLY legend here in this fed right? Im just going to warn anyone who takes up my challenge..what ya gonna do?..superstars, divas, announcers, hell even refs...what ya gonna do...when hulkamania runs wild on the W..W...E??

Hogan drops the mic as his music plays again and the crowd once again cheers for him he poses for his fans then stands in the middle of the ring and rips his shirt

The hulkster entertains the fans

He walks out of the ring and starts up the ramp while shaking peoples hands and giving some high fives. He takes his boas and puts them around the neck of a little boy then poses for a picture. He walks backstage and the crowd can still be heard as he is walking down the hallway to his locker room. On the way he is being congradulated and welcomed by various superstars and backstage people, when he bumps into Torrie Wilson. She stares at him and adjusts the womans title around her waist and smiles at him

.::Torrie::. Oh..hello hulk..what are you doing here? I didnt know it was senior discount day yet

.::Hogan::. Well if it isnt the slut herself..its been a long time..whod u have to sleep with to get THAT title?

.::Torrie::. Shut up ill have you know i earned this title

.::Hogan::. Please the only thing in life you ever earned was the money to get your implants..which i pust say are startin to sag...

.::Torrie::. Oh just shut your ass up or ill get rock to kick your ass like he used to do

.::hogan::. Ooooh im sooo scared, your gonna get your boyfriend to beat me up?? ahh thats just like you, your more of a man then him anyway why dont you just do it yourself

.::Torrie::. I dont touch gargage, i throw it out..which is what wwe should have done with you wen you decided to join

.::Hogan::. Thats were your wrong sista..you dont touch OR throw it out...you ARE garbage and im not leaving till i make your life a living breathing HELL...

He grabs her by the hair and sees a food cart on the opposite wall. He picks her up and carries her over with her kicking and screaming in his arms. He tosses her face first onto the table and picks up a bowl of turkey gravy and pours it all over her back. Torrie screams and hogan just laughs as the scene fades out and another commercial is played