Well, this is denis [aka..exel.?]. he's a pretty crazy guy. One time, denis, beef, and saul came over and denis jumped in my dirty pool with his clothes on, and i made a video of it. this video can be viewed here [this video will probbaly take some time to load.]


this is saul. he's a great man, for a mexican ;D. even though he's a korn fan, i've come around to accepting him. he was my official ride to poa, as well as some other great men, such as nick lang, denis, javier....and uuuh...whats that one fat gay guys name again?..... oh yeah, tyler.

big beefy

lol...well, this is zach, aka beef. he's quite the character. he's the creative genius behind the smash hit song "saul's house". him and saul always seemed to show up to school wearing the same jacket...so there was always a debate on who was copying who. if you ask me, it was saul that was biting beef's style.

de la hoya

this is eric, aka de la hoya [si, si, hahah.], the golden boy. look at eric thinking he's all hard ;D...actually, he's my brother from the school of hard knocks, so we're both hard. erics always having girl problems, but you should see him set the dancefloor on fire.

the golden boy and torro

this is eric once again, this time with mister chris torro. these two were crazy last year, they made me laugh constantly during mr. valdez's class. i'm still waiting to see the brawl between them, chris wants to have it at my house. i think i'm going to have my money on christ, eric lets chris punk him too much ;D