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Plan for Unit 4:Shared Borders and Themes: Caution - this is very graphics-intensive and will create a large zipped file package - too big for a floppy. Also save work often if computer have lower memory.

4.1 Shared Borders and Links

A link bar component is a link bar that FrontPage maintains and updates automatically.

Shared border is an area that contains content that appears in every page that uses it.

Follow directions for shared borders for top, left and bottom.

Check the pages in Internet Explorer for the pictures, links.

Editing the Shared Border: Double click on the words (not area) to access the instructions.

Creating New Page in Navigation View: From context sensitive menu (right click): Name title one place, and filename another. Shared items are added automatically. (deer.htm)

When new pages, folders are imported, be sure they are in the correct folder.
 (8 files) Four folders moved into the images folder - many picture links updated.

Changes to navigation on Home page - remove old shared borders, add new border -

Graphically Create Custom Link Bar drag and drop technique

4.2 Themes - Collection of design elements visually tie a site together - consider current popular styles and audience for theme. These themes can be chosen from FrontPage's collection. settles on customizing Spring theme. This is like the Themes in PowerPoint.

Change titles of pages to fit in span of the navigation bar

Change font size, alignment, Save theme under this site, delete for saving space, unless wanted for backup. (Necessary to close  the site first, but not FrontPage.) Customizing Theme possible to easily add background picture to one page.

4.3 Photo Gallery - Organizing pictures - some sites will require lots of graphics work.

Photo Gallery feature allows you to organize pictures, add captions, and sets up a layout - but when you add the captions, there is not spell check! Consider making a table of picture names, filenames and captions to copy and paste, to have your work pre-checked for spelling. (deer.htm page)

Word Art: Consider if you want to create another graphic item or if a font change will be OK (remember some fonts may not be available on user's computers.)

Drawings become picture files and/or VML markup: Use drawing toolbar  or WordArt toolbar- like all other Office applications.

Viewing the Source Code - look for <v: tags with number coordinates as well as the webbot and meta tags.

Also - view the contents of the Web site folder in Explorer with the Hidden Files visible to see all the files and folders.