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Plan for Unit 5

Files needed:
Tutorial: irr folder and included files, lawn.htm,
Review: sun1.gif, tips.doc

5.1 Tables

Creating the first table (for the graphics files):

Modify the bulk2.htm file to remove left border on that page only.

Create table (3x2) and modify its settings for alignment, width and border.

Insert the graphics already in the page into the table by selecting and dragging into position

Change the alignment properties of the cells.

Format the picture as a link to other files.

Import lawn.htm page, apply the theme and shared borders, as needed.

Add to the Navigation structure as shown.

Create table in the SECOND position on the page.

Modify as shown, adding column, row, merging cells, using eraser to merge cells.
Split cells into rows, center, add background color, delete a row, resize rows.
Add a caption, apply a table format from auto-format, change cell alignments.

After done, view the HTML code to see how the structure of the table is specified. See pp. 117-118 in Lehnert text for table related tags and attributes.

5.2 Frames

Find the Banner and Contents frames page template in the File/New /More Page Templates pop-up.

Import the irr folder and set the three frame pages from there.

Enlarge top frame to make two levels of graphics visible.

Hyperlink the FAQ page.

Correct the problem with the Home target

Splitting the Frame - use the Frame menu if the dragging won't work

Print the page as directed.

View the HTML code. See pp. 136-137 (Lehnert) for frame tags and attributes.

Also see discussion of problems of Deep Linking on page 132.