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How It Works
At Buffalo Trading Post, we buy all of our used merchandise from customers. You can sell your clothes today and then browse our inventory to create a new look. We prefer to purchase clothing made from natural fibers, but sometimes we do buy polyester, acetate, Lycra, and other quality clothing materials. When we sell your clothes, you receive a percentage of our selling price in cash or trade. Sellers receive an additional 10% of the selling price if they trade for other items in the store.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: "What do you buy?"
A: We buy popular styles and fashions that are in good condition, without tears or stains. We buy all kinds of clothes -- jeans, current sportswear, designer items, vintage dresses, jackets, cowboy boots, men's suits, women's suits and career separates, motorcycle jackets, and all kinds of accessories.
Q: "Why didn't you take any of my stuff?"
A: Simply because we don't think it will sell, not because it's out of fashion, ugly, or a terrible color. If our sales associates think we can sell it, then they'll buy it.
Q: "When do you buy?"
A: We buy during business hours. However, weekday mornings are the best time because our sales associates have more time to look at your prized possessions.

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Choose to Re-Use
By buying, selling, and trading clothing, you are helping to reduce waste in our landfills. This is our way of helping to reduce the nearly 200 million tons of municipal solid waste generated every year by over 250 million Americans -- 3 1/2 pounds of trash per person per day.

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