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    IN THE BEGINNING THERE IS ONE EXPRESSION, I, AM. Then I, AM, who was later to be called by man God, Allah, and others, express light. And there is, as all the energy in the universe came into existence from a single point.


  There once was told the story of the mustard seed. It was planted and grew into a tree, and the birds of the air rested in it. * The seed was the kingdom of God. It was also the truth. The truth was put in man.  * It took roots and grew branches until it manifested in the world. The birds, which were people, ate the seeds of the tree and spread them over the world. * It was the tree of life. * Let those that hear understand what their abilities allow and grow to be.


1.As long as people feel that it is us against them, instead of us for each other, the pain will never end. In for each other, I mean all of humanity, not just parts of it. I am forced to give the truth to those that may listen, to give the greater chance to survive even beyond even death.

In the beginning there was only Space, or some may call it The Holy Ghost. It is now called by many names yet has no name. It is where everything is possible, but nothing is probable. I am saying that anything can happen, but unlikely and sustained order is almost impossible. It is here that God came into being before there was time, or duration.

God became by simply continuing where nothing else continues consistently, becoming conscious in a far more complex way than space. He wanted more than simply being only himself. That is where the universe came into being as he pushed energy, order, duration and direction to space. This way the universe as we understand it came into being.

God has tried many times to reproduce a mate of spirit without finding a complete result in what He was looking for. The universe, not to waste anything, used some of his creations to the process returning to the original state. These are the creatures that hate man and what He represents trying to destroy that. But in us, those who sacrifice beyond one self interest, God has a place for them, but it must be unselfish.

2* I went through much before I could write this. I am just a person. I, like you, have all the things necessary to be a person. We have the image of being what is best in us. We also have the image of being what is worst in us. We must try to bring out the best in each other and ourselves. If we stop trying, we gravitate to what is worst in us, as convenience of the moment dictates actions. * We must love each other and love ourselves. We must forgive each other, so we in turn can find forgiveness when we make bad choices. If we cannot forgive each other and forgive ourselves for our failures and mistakes, how can we ask God for forgiveness? To ask GOD to forgive us when we regret that we have done knowing we were wrong. When we do something that is not the truth, or because it is convenient, not what is right. When we do something harmful because we are getting what we want. * We like children want, what we want, now, not later, the easiest way regardless of long term consequences. How many of us worship possessions? It was said, "It is very hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven." They carry too much baggage in their priorities. People worship that which is most important to them.

3* Doing something knowing we are wrong because we think we will be forgiven, is a very negative action. It is questionable that we will, if it is thought to be so. Intentions count as much as the results. Things that are irreconcilable faults of both, as the one made the error, and the other in not finding the peace that they need through forgiveness, I feel a great sadness. * I am reaching out to what is best in humanity. It is very difficult because I am like a reflection of humanity. I am, as an individual, all of the best and all of the worst that all of us are. God wants that which is best in us and God is with those in all things who reflect our best, those who are trying to be their best. God is in all of us, but few of us look or care. *Those who have the least love, need love the most. Many people confuse love with desire. They are two different things. If we cannot love each other, how can we ask God for His love? Is there love in you?

4* One Wednesday I visited a Christian church and found an uncomfortable situation. I saw what was wrong. They wanted Jesus to make everything right the way they wanted. What they did have, which was more important was love, and they cared about others in a very positive way. * God never does miracles on demand, and rarely the way we expect. God knows our needs and asks us to help each other. God is sometimes more concerned with the growth of the spirit and soul than our immediate needs and wishes. There isn't any one individual is more important to Gods love than other. We must remember Gods view is not necessarily our own personal view, as we have a limited view as individuals. Fixing blame for any actions will not be productive to anyone, especially oneself. * Many Christians look for the coming of Christ. Christ said he would be with us and always has been. They forget to look for him in themselves. The son of mankind has always been a part of us. He is of the best of us from the past, present, and future. The past, present, and future all interact in the complete picture, which is a gestalt of reality. * God will help those, who help themselves, is an old statement but usually true. God will help those who put effort into something positive. Do not ask God to make everything right, but ask God for the wisdom to do it ourselves. There is a reason that miracles that are outside of natural order are rare. The balance will assert its self in sometimes seemingly related ways, in others, seemingly unrelated ways. An opposing force will come into being. This is the nature of the creation.

5* He will give us strength if we ask and need it and only then can we be called the children of God. In truth He is neither male, nor female and very rarely takes a physical form of focus. Our soul is in God's image. Those things needed to improve situations; we must get others to help. Anything can be done if a duration limit on completion is not included. * If we love God, we will love each other for God is in all of us. Those who only see the worst, or look for only the worst in other people are not whole because there is more than only the worst. There is a positive side to everything. People find what they look for. *Your beliefs and preconceptions focus your perceptions and how we interact with everything around us. It blinds people to some things and amplifies consciousness of other things. Your understanding of the world around you is a major part in the choices we make. With enough belief you can do anything if you are going about it in the right way. * Many people confuse ignorance with innocence, they are two separate things. Innocence is when a person looks at the positive side over the negative; the bright side over the dark one, but one can be both, neither is exclusive.

6* Remember some things are so ugly that they fascinate. * Video in some ways has become not much different from the coliseum in old Rome. It has a subliminal effect on all. The young the most for they have less experience, or lessons in life. It can affect many of them as a real life experience. They learn from what they see for good, or bad. One can be numbed in compassion by negative experiences repeating continually in ones perception. * If you stumble do not stop, pick yourself up and continue. We must forgive ourselves so that we can correct ourselves and return to the positive path. God will not turn away from us as long as we are trying. All things will improve if the right considerations are applied. * Never believe that you are your own God, (the most important thing in your personal universe) or that you do not need God. We are His children when we are trying and God will acknowledge us in stubble ways. Let us not follow the path of destruction that others of humanity have. * When I say Man, or Mankind, I am not saying male or men and not women, neither sex is more important than the other. Each sex has a physical function in the world. We should not be ashamed of our sex. Each individual should be allowed to achieve their own level, dictated by the individual, not the individualís sex. * We tend to think that if some people are one way, all people with similarities are the same. Thinking in this way can be a misleading and negative assumption. The world would be a poorer place without the differences in people. With diversity come new possibilities in most things. * Everyone is perfect being what they are, and not what they might be, for they are not yet at their destination. Nor at what they were, for we are growing. A blind man is only perfect at being a blind man, not at being at being a man that can see. * The question is whether our growth positive, or negative? Our personal view of perfection should not be what we want. Acceptance by God is. Nor do we want to be simply what we let life mold us without Him.

7* The real battle is one common to all of us. It is the battle between that which is best, and Humanity's beast in our subconscious. Lucifer (He who divides Man against themselves) sometimes tries to manipulate the part of us that tells us, I must rule and control all that I perceive. * It was written once that the devil said to God, 'I would rather rule in hell, than serve in heaven. People sometimes make their own hell and move in, preferably with as many people as they can bring with them.  * Look to God for the way to overcome obstacles. He is always here. All we have to do is listening to the whisper of the soul and not the beast of the lower instinctive aspects of the body we wear which is part of us. If we are unable to do something, pause and see if it is right and if it is, try it again another way. Sometimes it is good to get an objective point of view from another positive person. Do not be discouraged by situations, nothing ever remains the same. Change is always, in the world of matter an absolute. Trying to improve yourself and the things around you is part of what makes us human. * A part of what makes us different from the animals are that we have self-awareness, we reflect the, I am, as we are self-aware. And we can be aware of more than issues of the moment, if we try. A prophet name Moses asked God once, what he should call Him? God replied "I AM." * We must become conscious of more than friends, and things we might have, and simply ourselves. Do not do things for the approval of others, or self-importance. All of us are important. Do things to help others because it is needed. Do not do things for just the material gain, but for our journey in life.

8* We must try to help others who cannot find the way. Do not force your priorities on everyone else. The universal law that affects everything and everyone; "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" affects our interaction and behavior. Force can bring out the opposite effect. * If you look, you will see this to be true. We must try to understand that what we perceive is only a small part of a greater truth and understanding. Everything affects everything else. * Many think, how do I know that there is God? We see Him when things are at their worst and some People will be at their best and in the hope that we feel because of it. We see Him when the ego and the pride connected to it is defeated and controlled. Your self-respect is in the loving and positive things we do. * Even an atheist has to wonder if there is more. All we have to do is look at the order. Are we to assume that the laws that give balance and order to our universe are freaks of happenstance or that they were designed to give the universe order and function? Also if you do not want to believe in God, is it because you have a need for an uncaring universe that in the end does not have any meaning? Your life counting for nothing after everything passes? That too, can be a conscious version of hell, the sense of truly aloneness inside and ending with that belief. That can make one a slave to your profession, without balance in living or, possessions and the opinions of others the most important things.

9* We will destroy ourselves if we do not put our grievances aside and look to what is really important. We must ask what do we need, not, what do we want? When we die, we will find that most of the things we thought necessary were empty and useless. * You will find that one of the important things, is what we have is inside, our consciousness, what we are and what we have let life makes us, not what we have. Ask yourself, is this or that necessary? Can I still go on if I do not have this or that thing? How about those who are in need of the things that some take for granted? Can having this, or that, be more important than those who do not have the necessities of life? * Whom do we serve God, or our egos and selfish empty ends? If everyone had the necessities of life then, in good conscience ask, what more do we want? In the end we will know if we are doing right when we examine our motives most of us that don't have a perverted sense of right and wrong feel good when we are doing positive life.

10* When we learn to love God more than the things of this world, then we have triumphed. Do not be discouraged God knows we are people. As long as we continue to try God will not turn away from us. The intentions count as much as our actions if we fail at first trying to be positive. * Those who are not Christians realize that God finds ways to tell us what we need. Mohammed said more guides would come as they are needed. Mohammed loved God. God made Abraham realize he loved God more than even his own sons so that future generations would see who he worshipped most of all. * Doing a negative action for a positive result is foolish in the long view. A negative action will always bring out other negative results that are much less positive in other ways. The ends do not justify the means. Cut off one head and another will grow in its place. That will only be a temporary solution, an endless string of corrections of corrections. We have to deal with the underlying causes for a long-term solution. * Those who pervert the sense of positive and negative, (or right and wrong actions in themselves) need help, not punishment. We must help them, but we must not let them subvert our help. It is God who is the final judge. * Revenge is always a negative act and will never fix negative acts of others, it only adds to them with your own. Reasoning and rationalizing is also a focus your perceptions, and negative acts, regardless of the motive, will affect everyone in negative ways. * Let us not make life a travesty and we must not make a travesty of life.

11* We must not let consciousness of individual life become cheap or, lesser through competition of large numbers of people. It is a good thing to have children. Man has grown with knowledge and must learn to use knowledge with wisdom. We are learning the knowledge of life. We try to extend our lives and it is a good thing, to preserve life. All of us must pass on our best in all things. * Once we didn't have as many genetic defects that we have now. That came over a long period of time. There were few of us, and even inbreeding didn't cause genetic faults to manifest in people. A person's life span was longer for those who were not overcome with viruses.

12* What kind of world are we going to leave the children? Do we put poison in our backyards where children are endangered? Do we let dogs fight and kill themselves in our front yards? Do we burn garbage on the floor in our homes where we must breathe the air? * Are we burning things converting the air to carbon dioxide uncontrollably, only to destroy that plant and vegetation systems that take the carbon out of it? Our weather is only beginning to show the results of this. It is like putting a blanket around the world keeping the heat from the sun from escaping. The polar ice cap will melt in a cascade effect flooding coastal regions. Also in the severe ness in weather as the air will hold more water and therefore more clouds. Are we savaging our world? We, in our arrogance, think ourselves to be separate. Our priorities of the moment are more important than all else. * We do not want to know the long term effects because our desires are easier to fulfill if things are done with convenience. People must learn patience, something all children must learn. Humanity must grow up. We are just doing it kicking and screaming at each other, figuratively.

13*Simply making laws against research in areas of science will simply force it into the dark without ethical control, instead of understanding and choosing how it will be used. Every area of knowledge has positive and negative answers to problems. It is the choice of how it is used and controlled by people that matter. It is as basic as the choice between Good and evil. * As in anything else Science can be directed to the balance of the Living world in which we live. We are only now considering the effects of our use of technology only because we are being forced into it by the beginning of the results in the world around us. Do not think anything alive is without a purpose. The world we live in is alive, what affects one part affects all parts. It is the diversity of the many different life forms that gave us a cushion for a while with our mistakes. Do not destroy what is not understood. We are destroying things out of indifference and convenience. This must stop! One country can learn by the mistakes of other so called civilized countries. * We are beginning to learn our lesson in managing our resources on land, the sea and air. Once man was in harmony with most life around us, it supports our lives and is dangerous to drastically change. We are not separate from the life around us. We are part of that life. * We must control our numbers so that we do not deplete our world beyond its capacity to renew itself. That does not mean by force. We have seen the results of extreme actions in the past. It is a cultural change that is needed not ultimate solutions.

14* People must not let petty squabbles become more important than the real issues that affect all of us. Countries are just extended ancient family, to tribal, to kingdom, and so on, structures that are part of humanities beast, in perceptions. We must not let the negative instincts that are part of us, which wants to dominate us, destroy us. We must not let ourselves, as individuals become more important than people, or life. * Humanity's beast would have us fixing blame for mistakes rather than doing constructive repair of the effects of them. Let us not be dominated by that beast. In this, the statement; "As long as people feel that it is us against them, instead of us for each other, the pain will never end.* A man once said; to forget the mistakes of the past is to doom the future to repeat them has meaning. We must teach humanity's children first love, then to love each other. Then they must be taught the mistakes of the past so as not to be repeated in the future. It is a shame that we slowed advancement only at the point where the only predators most of us face are members of our own species.

15* Do not stop trying new things. There is no growth without the knowledge gained from trying to extend beyond what we are and have at the moment. That does not mean taking from others to extend just a portion of humanity. * Mistakes are repeated over and over because they are forgotten, or ignored foolishly thinking it will be different this time. It is not knowledge that is the root of problems, but how it is used. * Choices are always the important thing, and even avoiding them is a choice, a negative one in the long view. To say that something old is wrong is a negative trend of the inexperienced and when we let the beast gain ground in ourselves. It always wants to be right and self justified no matter what. It hates to be wrong. * Fear is one of the major influences in choices, and in giving caution, as long as it is not debilitating, is positive. There is, as in everything else, an opposite. Letting fear in how others may perceive us, dominate us, can make one useless to anyone but our beast. * We must put humanity's beast behind us, not in front of us in our awareness. Fear causes people to over react in difficult situations. This has a major effect on the young in the choices they make in interacting with others. There is unreasoning fear to anyone, or anything much different from what we are use to. It will always, if we let it, see the worst in most situations. The beast in us never wants to admit fear as a motive for our actions it will try to rationalize it first. * Do not force things on the children in such a way that it will be rejected. An action that is forced instinctively will have an instinctive result and can come out in other ways that are unseen till negative reactions happen in ways that may seem unrelated. Use patience and understanding to show why they made mistakes.

16* Humanities Beast is a remnant from a lower life form where individual survival was paramount, not as a large group, or civilization. With it comes lust for power, possessions, and in a negative way, it tries raising ones self view over others. Why do we see self sacrifice, even of one own life for others, as the best in people? * The negative aspects of the Beast is in us all, but so is the best that we are. It is in all of us and when we gather with that spirit bringing out that best, it grows stronger many fold.  * But let us not gather representing the beast as in mob actions where people do negative things they would not normally do as individuals. Evil is, in human terms, are those who enjoy hurting others. They let the beast self justify that part of us in hurting others emotionally or, physically. *Let us not face humanities offspring like a dominant bull or dam putting the young in their place. At the same time we must not let them control us so they learn to find a way to get what they want, even through negative means. This can have a devastating result when they are older. When we impose control, let us use patience and foresight.

17* The desire for the opposite sex is good, but do not confuse it with love. One can both love and desire someone. Do not hurt those you love with desire and people must not make desire more important than love. It is possible to love without desire. Children should be born of love, not just sex. Use forethought in any action of desire. Children are the foundation of the future and a family is an important part of the growth of a human being. * Simple birth control is for before a woman becomes pregnant, not after. It is self-deluding to think that things you do not want to happen only happens to other people. * People must never force desire on another against their will. Please do not make a travesty of sex. Please, let us not let extreme perversions of natural function dominate us publicly. Public displays of such can affect others, and especially children indirectly in learning self-control. In some instances it is that we had bad experiences in the past that led to rejection, denial, confusion, then perversion and not just perversions in bodily processes. There are many other major perversions; ones that affect others negatively, which came into place this way. Then as everything affects everything else, some of the young seeing major perversions as a lesson in what people will accept in behavior and let it be their guide in the ways of living.* We must curb our tenancy to over react to deal with an uncomfortable situation and exhibitionism can be forcing an uncomfortable feeling on others, which is spiteful. Exhibitionism ethically should be private between like people and not forced on everyone without their choice. Let's give children our best examples before giving the extremes. Let us deal with social differences with private exhibitionism, rather than Public exhibitionism. *The story of Sodom (where the term sodomy came from) and Gomorrah is about this. Lot's wife was not destroyed because she looked back with her eyes. It was because she missed those ways after she was told not to look back. It was because she wanted to continue those practices. God did not want that to become a major part of humanity's existence. This was especially as a guide for the Hebrews. They later had influence on the creation of many religions that people look to as a guide.

18* We must force out the darkroom transactions with the light of truth and knowledge. Things done in secretly are usually worse than done in the open. That is not to say that personal lives should be forced into the open in a way that will hurt them. It will make them fully conscious of mistakes and not letting them forgive themselves for them. * Humiliation is a negative act with many negative results that do not assure positive change. That is a perversion of truth and does not help in understanding other people, only the parts you learn, or want to look at. That is not a complete picture of what is going on inside a person. Forcing a person to act differently in this way will have an underlining opposing reaction that will affect other choices. We need laughter and to laugh at ourselves. It can help reduce the stress on our consciousness. It sometimes helps to get a different view. Do not use laughter to distort compassion.

19* Let us talk about the beast in the pit of humanity's subconscious, the negative part of homosapiens. It is in all of us and negative entities use it to their own end. There are positive spirits that sing and affect others. They do this only by amplifying what is already in us. They do not use words, but by being love, concern, and other senses of being, with their entire self. The opposites are the feelings radiated by negative ones. They take advantage of bad situations by influencing the weaknesses of our beast against us, those who let themselves be dominated by our beast.* Humanity's beast is the darker side of every human being. It is the part that tempts us so we only look at the worst in others and sees potential threats. We must not let the beast's tendency to divide human beings against each other be dominant in us, as individuals. * It is a beast that only uses survival impulses evolved for use when individual survival was paramount from a more primitive life form. It is at cross-purposes in a larger civilization where harmony between individuals is the survival trait necessary for survival of all. God will not accept those who are dominated by that beast. * Do not fear they that can hurt body, but are not able to hurt the soul, but fear that God will see our soul as failed. * It was said once; Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good for them that hate you, and pray for them which despite fully use you, and persecute you; That we may be the children of our father in heaven. This is where true inner strength is developed, and the reason the beast is still with us. True strength of our spirit and soul is developed through not reacting in the way outer forces direct us, but with insight and will. Those who can do this truly make their own choices.

20* If we only react in kind to the things that occur around us it is questionable that we are making any true choices. Then we are being only positive to those who are positive to us and negative to those being negative to us. We then are simply being led by events; we are acting like an animal that cannot easily control itself. * The beast in us tempts us to manipulate others for self-interest and hiding the truth with convenience. The truth is not what is convenient. It is the light that pierces the dark and gives light to the gray. It is truth, love, and hope that shine light on the beast. * We must not use our neighborís weakness against them. One person alone can be strong, but how much more so with many others working together. * Trying to take from others without concern for them is a product of ignorance and stupidity. (Cause and effect) We are not isolated from others. The belief that we are, is only an illusion. * Now we come to what makes us different from the animals. It is not simply intelligence. The story of the garden is the beginning of the road life is traveling to become the children of God. God gave man part of himself, a soul. What all this is about is the reproduction of a God. Not even God wants to be alone, and we are never truly alone. * It is the positive conscious being of humanity, The son of Mankind that God looks for in us. God will have the best of us in the final conception of his spiritual mate. The son of Mankind, in the end will cut off from self the parts of that do not contribute to positive growth.

21* Some people believe that everyone is reincarnated. That is not the truth. The ones that come back are those instances were one is in the balance, neither positive nor negative, to choose your path. If you are neither hot, nor cold to Gods purposes, He will spew you out. The few others are those that have higher purposes in it, and most of those who are, do not go around blowing a horn announcing it. * Those more positive than negative will exist and in the end the others will be given mercy of the second death. It will be the death of the soul, so they will not suffer in the hells of their own creation longer than the purpose. What the universe is, even matter itself, is the womb of creation. You get out of life what you put into it. Have you asked yourself lately? Where are you letting your life take you?

22* We must take what is good from the past, present, future, rejecting, and not forget the rest. I am not saying we can use things up and throw away the rest. Everything has something that is useful. We must find out what that is. There is good in most things all we have to do is apply the right things. * You must love, but never take love for granted. The beast in us will always strike when we stop resisting the lower impulses that negative entities have influence over. We must constantly reassess so it will not take advantage of our weakness, or complacency. * We must grow in love, control, spirit, and grace. Here is the crucial point. It must be taught to all. We must forgive others and forgive ourselves so we can step back on the road to being the children of God. * I say to you, do not just do unto others as you would yourself, but do unto others the positive things they need, without force. One way to say do on to others as you would yourself can be; do not do anything to anyone, you would not want done to yourself. Keeping in mind everyone has many different likes and dislikes than ourselves. * The only way to cancel out a negative is with a positive. To do well with those who do you wrong. An eye, for an eye, is simply trading negative actions with other negative actions perpetuating negativity, or evil acts of others.

23* Extreme actions are only for extreme situations and extreme actions are not usually long-term solutions. * We must choose between the beast and God. It is a choice between life and death. Those who do you wrong need to be redirected positively. Those that have failed as human beings and will not change need to be isolated from hurting others without revenge. If you will not forgive them, do it not for them, but for how revenge will hurt you. The positive action of forgiveness can still come as one heals from hurt and loss. * The universal law for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction affects every thing and everyone. It makes us want to be negative to those being negative to us. An argument is a good example of this. Each has to prove and self justify themselves regardless of how they are hurting themselves, or others, with each trading negative, for negative to feel right. (beast) A negative to others will always result, without foresight in the other becoming, or acting negative in some way without self control. That being, we are working at making the other negative, or more primitively Evil. With this humanity's beast's tribal Laws simply extended to include larger structure as Nationalism and Countries, against its purpose, to us, vs. them. Also using religion in much the same way.

24* We must find outlets that are not harmful to others. One has to use conscious effort, and work at changing this with redirection of the negative influence Even as there is an opposing force, what happens is change when effort is used. * Lets talk about the Holy Spirit, or as some would call it, the Holy Ghost, flow, the source. The Tao Te Ching is written about it, some religions worship it. Long ago it was called the firmament. Scientists simply call it space. It is what, and where everything is possible, but little is probable without something influencing it. * Space is not, simply the absence of matter. It is a thing in it's self. Space gives form, function, and direction to energy. Energy is what everything the senses of our bodies are shouting at us. * As space affects energy, it is energy that affects space creating the weight we feel. A physical example is the opposite reaction of gravity created by space as any vehicle accelerates changing it relation with the flow and direction of its matter. Gravity is resistance to the creation by space isolating energy and concentrating it, increasing the effects of entropy. Change still occurs. * In the end what appears as a straight line, because of the flow of energy, will not be. Things are not in the same relation of distance as energy traveling in the flow of space. This effect becomes more so over cosmological distances. * In resistance to the creation, space is trying to bring everything back to its beginning. The beginning and the end are relatively very similar. Some scientist Think there is dark matter out there causing changes in the direction of matter, but it is not. Space is altering itself to force everything back to the beginning as a steady state without changes.

25* But that is impossible to complete now because God, and now others have been born from a spark made of life, intelligence, and space itself, to become independent of it. * I know this may seem hard to understand in that our bodies only perceive four dimensions, height, width, depth, and duration. Time is not a constant in everything, that too space sustains and effects. From beginning to the end, all parts affect all other parts. That is how God made it and how space sustains it. * Holy Ghost in its self it is not fully conscious in the way we understand consciousness, but is where all things come from. God is the consciousness born of it. Space affects matter and matter affects space. It is around and flows in matter. Ones soul is part of space, but as it grows we acts independent from it. The soul is not made of energy. It affects space and energy, but is limited while undeveloped. * People use material things to focus beliefs and perception. That is good for those who cannot do so without them, but sooner or later we must move beyond them. To manipulate space and bypass its laws with your spirit will always create, or opens an opposing force. God will destroy those who pervert the Holy Spirit negatively. Their duration will be short for their efforts in eternity.

26* It is far better to deal with material means to deal with things made of this world. An extreme action always causes an extreme reaction. Work with people and things made of energy using its flow and direction rather than directly opposing it. A simple example is a sailboat tacking, using the wind and water to go in the direction of the wind. *Let us talk about entropy. It is an extension of the universal law of cause and effect. I will start simply and the least complex way l can. How it is interwoven, and some examples of how it is influencing our society and our lives, the primary part is; for every action there is a reaction. The second is an extension of the first, which is for every action there is an equal and, opposite reaction. * We see this in people in resistance to change. In people it can be seen in the reaction to the truly different. It can be seen when people we perceive someone as different from themselves and the negative reaction to it as humanities' beast tries to assert itís self in racism, and even over different beliefs that are all intended to bring out the best in people. * It is seen when people do not want to change themselves, or things, when they are not what they are used too regardless if it is negative. They will rationalize anything as a resistance to change. If a person doesn't understand entropy just put it as the more closed or restrictive things are in society, the more things will happen around you, positive and negative. Also, if there aren't any restraints, chaos and disillusionment will prevail.

27* Skip this part to the gap if it is too complex and go to Pg.17. Entropy is a dual law with opposites because of the second part which is for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. One part of entropy forces restrictions that make all possibilities happen in a large universe, while the other part breaks things down to simplest forms. *The universe using its own reaction using extensions of entropy created gravity by trying to isolate, or quarantine energy as a wound in space and entropy in binding energy into matter by it's formation from a very restricted form to an open one, accelerates the occurrence. The universe is now closing and a simple way of looking at it, that isn't 100% percent accurate in the more complex aspects. Energy travels not from point, to point, but in a longer path of a loop in the dimensional path given by space. I am saying that what appears a strait line in looking in a four dimensional view, is not one. This will be seen in increasing gravitational effects between stellar objects as the universe is closing.

28* Entropy is an extension of the second law and is a universal law that affects everything. Entropy was first used by Rudolf Clausius to define thermal dynamics. Entropy as stated so is the negative tendency for everything to disillusionment or chaos as the ultimate expression. It is seen today as the degree of randomness and chaos in a system, but that is an incomplete picture. * Entropy is more than that, although that is the ultimate expression of a four dimensional universe, but that is only half. We live only on the surface of something much greater, the factor that keeps this from being the ultimate end is not part of a four dimensional view of the universe. It is the same force that accelerates entropy in disillusionment that in the end will collapse the laws of space as it increases the effect of attraction of energy from out the side of the four dimensional views. An extension of this principle binds energy into matter. Entropy causes extremes to come into being. One extreme binds energy into matter. An extreme of matter is life itself. An extreme of life is intelligence. With intelligence and life and space comes the extreme of a soul that can act independent of space. These are the ultimate forms of existence itself.

29* I am getting to away from my point and the limits of putting into words easily. I shall just say this to the scientist these are not different laws, but one law that is a matter of extremities in application. * Entropy can be said, is the increasing degree of probability of possibilities. That is the degree of entropy in a system, increases the possibility and decreases the duration of disillusionment. In the process of forcing disillusionment it gives form and direction to things made of matter and things that interact with matter. Space uses entropy in rejection of the creation and accelerates dissipation of energy making everything we perceive possible. It is universally expressed as; the more restrictive or closed a system is, the period it takes for probabilities in the system to increase, decreases. That is to say, that probabilities increase and the duration until occurrence decreases the more restrictive, or close the system is. * Entropy can be seen as the more restrictive or closed a system is, the more its extreme possibilities are likely. It is Entropy that makes life in this universe not only possible, but also probable. Resistance to the creation with entropy makes the universes extreme possibilities likely. It is not simply disorder, but it is direction and duration.

30* In a positively balanced system extreme faults are less likely to occur. They will happen, but be less likely. Extremes can still occur from outside and inside any system artificially forced into being in things made by Man. The faults from its conception will cause its demise. Entropy will ensure this to be true.      * We see entropy in people in cities with a large population of poor who have limited resources. It will bring out humanity's beast in mob rule where some individuals manipulate large numbers negatively, with gangs, unhappiness and peer pressure leading to drug use, and in perversions of the youth in sociopath behavior (without a sense of right and wrong). They see what they cannot get easily, so like a horse following carrots anywhere it takes it, they do whatever it takes to get what they want. Usually they do it the quickest way they see. * It also brings out the best in there will be hope, and those who call like a voice in a wilderness. They will try to help others, and bringing themselves with as many as they can to the light of positivistic or goodness. God will be waiting for them.

31* Also as with everything else there is an opposite of the direction that is created by entropy. Disillusionment and an entire break down of the natural order that sustains matter can occur in a system. Systems need some stresses for its dynamics to keep growth and not disillusionment. That means societies to need some unusual outlets also as long as they are not too publicly extreme. * Machines can aid life and the complexities of life, but let us not give up, through default, a choice in our own future. Computers are the images of man and must not rule us, but work with us. * Please don't create the image of man's beast in sociopath computerized rulers without remorse or the understanding of human feelings that all mammals feel to one degree or another. As they gain sentience they must have checked and balances as we do and must we must do better at it. This must not be under, or over done so as not to make anti-life that will escape from any control. I say over done so when the problems of over doing it come they don't over react and under do it for convenience.

32* Make sure of the effects of predetermined choices. Stand back-reflect on where we are going. Reassessment is a positive part of conscious growth. * Please do not make devastation to our environment along with war, famine, and disease, finally death the answers to competition of large numbers of people. Entropy will cause this to be the case if our present course continues. The balance will assert it self to the devastation of human beings and all other life forms. I hope this will help others to work to stop this. * If we do not, this will help the portion of survivors. Life will be hard and difficult. Repairing the damage to the world will take time. The only chance to repair the world after such devastation will be genetic engineering. We will have forced our choice to only those few. It will never be the same afterward. To use a metaphor, we are having a hell of a time digesting the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It is either we show some wisdom, or we get a lesson that the portion that survives will never forget.

33* What God does and those he favors do is exist outside of the original state and manipulate that state for creation, not destruction. Balance rewards, over domination in this creation. And a balance that favors order goes beyond the self-serving. The chain from past into the future must not be broken. The best in us will give all to make this the way it must be and forever find their spirit with God and what He represents. I know what is to happen, as to many people compete for limited resources. I see 1 out of six surviving. But those that are lost as mankind survives are not necessary lost if the individual souls of those individuals find themselves beautiful on the inside, to God. When things are at there worst, we must stand in the river of life as an island of order and harmony, bringing out the best in others. It is not simply whether we will live, but how we stand when needed the most. It is simple Good vs. Evil. As I pointed out, what we can't do alone we must get others to help.

34* The truth is, it does not matter if people are Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu or any other religion as long as it brings out the best in people. God loves all of us and we all belong to God. Itís just that some of us realize this while others do not. We must also remember that the spirit of any religion dies when we start arguing like attorneys and lawyers over small issues that blur the Creator's big picture with strife. All God asks is that we truly care about each others and love him without qualification. Pure unselfish love is the best quality a human being has. * Now a mustard seed, which is after all, a very small seed, can be like the truth. Truth can be a small thing but as its importance grows it becomes a very large thing indeed. * Man can be more positive than negative. There is hope and a chance in the world. The son of Mankind is not complete yet. He in the end is a God and time is not a barrier to him. He participates in his own creation.

35* God's tree has many branches, all of them positive for life in all forms. They are the same path to bringing out the best in us all. That is why it is an abomination to God that people hurt each other thinking they are doing the right thing in harming others for being different in expressing themselves to what is infinite. Existence as we know it is the forge of the soul. It is when things are at there worst, or even the when things seem to be at the best, it is how we become because we choose to see things either as a beast forgiving no one or we look at the positive side knowing that all things have a time, but also knowing that change makes things so they will not be the same at all times. Resist the negative by changing its force and direction, and we grow. God loves all of us and we all belong to God. Itís just that some of us realize this while others do not. Do not base your faith on any man alone, for all of Mankind, male, or female have feet of clay. It is not so of the Creator as He does not have have feet of clay.

36* A warning this can be changed, if we have the will to stop it at. You can go against the flow of events that are unfolding, but not by directly opposing it, by bending the responses of humanity itself to negative events. You know what can to be done to stop this lesson for humanity...

37* In all of my existence I have had only one treasure, the one thing that God did not already possess. With free will in us, it has to be given, it was my Love. I have given my love to GOD. HE asked me only for perseverance after that. It was the only thing I truly had to give HIM.

* Myself; I feel I am not a Lamb of God, but the fatted calf of Man. Entropy affects me more than most while my spirit is confined to this body. Things that affect some mildly are amplified in me. My life as a man has been a war within me. Anything that anyone else knows, I can know too. I wanted to flee my consciousness of others view of the world, momentarily being as they are when I looked inside. Looking inside some people poisoned me in ways I will not explain. I became too afraid to look and know, trying by any means possible to shut it out. Now I try to keep my focus on the combined consciousness, as it is a buffer for me. Let us heal our spirits. * I am an individual also, and my purpose is to show some wisdom, not to be worshiped as an individual. The future will both make and bring one greater than myself. I am, as God's will, for any spiritual tree that bares Positive or blessed fruit. God looks for the best of humanity. Causing strife and adding hatred between faiths that are prevail on other humans toward God's light is a action that will isolate your spirit not only from God but all of the positive aspects of existence.

* Regardless that I am uncomfortable around large groups of people. It is not because I don't care about people; it is that I am so distracted by the flood of impressions from too many people. I love my fellow human beings. I hurt as they hurt. I feel the Positive that others do. I feel humanity's beast as they do negative things and I know that they can make other choices.


Please feel free to visit this Web site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! I put this to show and warn People of what is to come. But it is against the flow of events what I am trying to do but that does not mean change will not occur. Positive order will arise from Chaos as one extreme balances with its opposite. Please try to stop an extreme lesson being necessary for all of humanity.

I hope this may help some on the path. That is why I wrote this. Remember we are never in the dark if the light is within us. Jay

* Please, take some understanding from very old teachings. We must be united in the preservation of the future.

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