The Whisperer of dreams

The Whisperer of dreams
He sails the darkness of the night
From twilight, till the dawn of morning light

Travelling the images of my dreams
He navigates the swirling tide
My thoughts he pilots, directs and guides

He journeys through squall and storm
Sailing the high seas of illusion
Drifting through ebbs of rapture, anxiety, delusion

His breathed words, I hear them resonate
Through the bellowing breeze
While he commands at the helm of vision with dexterity and ease

Resounding implications echo through my head
As the sailor of subliminal suggestion
Rescues lost thoughts, and sews new seeds of inspiration

Holding true course
He rides the tides of hallucination
On a treacherous sea of half-truths and deception

The Whisperer of dreams
Sails the recesses of my mind
Gliding on the hidden coasts in the lacuna of time

Mysty 10-04-2000


Funny, when I actually DO remember dreams, they seem so clear to me,
so vivid I can almost touch and taste them. Only thing is...I hardly EVER remember!