I watched a tiny spider
Spinning a delicate web
Busily at work
Intricately weaving its transluscent thread

It made me think of the web
It took me my whole life to spin
Of the battles that I fight
Of those I lose, and those I win

I wondered if anyone else saw
How unique my design
I wondered if they saw it sparkle
When in the sun it shines

I wondered if they forgot it
When it was no longer bathed in light
Yes, my web was still there
Even though it was out of sight

And did they only see
The flies that were caught and died
And not see the all work I did
How hard I always tried

Why do they choose not see
The beauty of my fragile lace
They do not look for beauty
Passed the appearance of one's face

If they would take a closer look
At my irridescent silken maze
They may be surprised to see how I glow
Even without the sun's bright rays