Touch Me

Reach out to me
touch me
as you would a velvety rose petal
with your fingertips

Run your hand across my cheek
touch me
as you would a newborn babe
with tender loving care

Brush your lips against mine
touch me
as a butterfly kisses sweet blossoms
with feathery shifts of gossamer wings

Wrap your arms around me
touch me
as you would enfold a porcelain doll
in delicate embrace

Whisper softly in my ear
touch me
as you would lull a fearful child
with reassuring words of love

Run your fingers through my silken hair
touch me
as you would ripple through the waves
with gentle easy strokes

Lay your hand upon my shoulder
touch me
as you trace each sinuous line
gently kneading away my cares

Glide your hand to my back
touch me
run a light path across my skin
as you would caress smooth satin cloth

Wrap yourself around me
touch me
as we become one in warm embrace
entertwined in a dance of love

You have found the essense that I am
touch me
as you become imprinted on my soul
sense that...I have also been touching you