~The Game~

Sometimes it's too easy
to give up and give in
too hard to hang on
and too hard to fight the battles
raging within

Yet there are times
when all that you crave and all that you know
is the fight
but defeat is still
the bitterest pill to swallow

And the road to recovery
is a long, lonely one
especially when you keep circling
back to where
you begun

Sometimes I believe
the easiest lessons are the hardest to learn
and you can't stand the heat
but you savour
the burn

There are times when
even you will admit being drawn to the flame
and times you've enjoyed
being a pawn
in the game

And then
there were times when the tables reversed
and you were the hand
that mastered the moves
that I cursed

It's not even about
who will win or will lose
it's not the way that you play
or the next move
you choose

You know
it's about the ultimate take
and also about
what you are willing
to stake

It's not how many wins that you've got
that just leads to false fame
it's that you've got what it takes
to be a worthy player
of the game


October 9, 2001