Tainted Words And Painted Lies

Tainted words and painted lies
Shapeless clouds in sunless skies
Echoed cry on raven's wing
Where meadowlark used to sing

Bramble bush and gnarled root
Blackened earth with ash and soot
Beautiful gardens I once knew
Where fragrant blossoms grew

Bodies all bent and broke
Shackled, chained with cuff and yoke
But warrior that I am
I go on, sword in hand

Dark and dismal roads ahead
Blood spilt bright crimson red
No one to help, to lend a hand
In this tarnished, barren land

Man and beast no longer defined
Where human nature you once could find
Famine,pestilance and war now overtake
By fire, storm and quake

You might destroy and cheat and lie
But I'll go on fighting until I die
I might bend but will never break
My will to go on, you cannot take

I won't follow, I will never yield
Against your wrath I wear my shield
So it's no use, can't you see
That you will never conquer me




Phew! Funny how, you start writing sometimes, and it takes a complete different direction than anticipated. I am learning to just let it lead where it may though, sometimes the outcome is surprising!