The Garden Sylph

Come down to the garden
Can you feel the soft breeze?
That is I, the Sylph
I have come to tease

Sometimes I blow gently
A soft caress upon your cheek
Sometimes a strong gale wind
Not for the timid or the meek

Short bursts or cool crisp gusts
So you know that I am there
To run a shiver down your spine
Or to tossle up your hair

I am the winged protector
Of this beautiful garden you see
If you respect and care for it
I will let you be

But should you chose to be careless
To be disrespectful or to violate
Be prepared for what may come your way
You may not like your fate

You see I am honor bound
Sworn to conserve and to protect
The beauty of this garden
I only ask you to respect

Yours to bask and delight in
Yours to absorb and enjoy
Yours to drink in deeply
To fill your senses with serenity and joy

Now that I see you understand
I will come and sit with you
For the beauty of the garden
Can be better enjoyed by two