Just messing around, but learning...

I love human architecture!


images/2minNude.jpg (17322 bytes)        images/2minNude2.jpg (19333 bytes)         images/EarthMother.jpg (56496 bytes)        images/Flexed.jpg (38123 bytes)           

images/NudeBack.jpg (22298 bytes)        images/Reflection.jpg (47002 bytes)        images/ShadedTorso.jpg (22408 bytes)        images/SkinnyNude.jpg (16850 bytes)


images/CharcoalStickNude.jpg (42312 bytes)        images/LiaoCries.jpg (24309 bytes)        images/MaleTorso.jpg (24309 bytes)

eeeep! there's a backward # 7 on most of my sketches...scaaaaaary!
Guess I oughta check to see what's making this mark through most of my sketchbook, eh? ;)