Sensing You

Betrayed by my senses
I try hard to conceal
But I can no longer deny
That these feelings are real

The moment you come near
I am in a trance
My head is swimming
My heart caught up in dance

My throbbing temples
Remind me to exhale
My racing pulse
Telling it's own tale

When your eyes meet mine
You look deep into my soul
Making me complete
Making me feel whole

The dreams that for too long
Lay on dormant wings
Are given flight once again
By the mesmerizing song you sing

The ode of words unspoken
Holding us eternally bound
Our passion purest melody
Our heartbeats rythmic sound

Sacred moments born
As our bodies intertwine
Like drinking deeply
Of the sweetest wines

And once this sweet elixir
Touches both our lips
Intoxicates all our senses
Overtaking mind, body, spirit

I would rather be condemned to live
In endless longing ever after this
Then to give up one single moment
Of such unearthly bliss

But to have as mine forever
And to return with equal fire
Is something I but fathom
My deepest most vibrant of desires

Though nothing but a fantasy
Surely you cannot be
I have often dreamed of you
Standing there in front of me

And yet at times
I cannot picture you at all
But nonetheless you are there
Waiting for my soulful call

The day that I might find you
Feel your breath upon my cheek
Is the day I have been blessed
With what I truly seek

As long as the tiniest glimmer of hope
Still choses to shines it's head
I will hang on to it precariously
Like a precious golden thread

So you see my love, I sense that you are there
Even though we may be apart
I'm waiting for you to come claim me in body
For you've already claimed my heart