A Raindrop In The Ocean

I am a tiny raindrop
Falling from the sky
Trickling slowly downward
Like a tear rolling from your eye

I am a timid brook
That slowly winds its way
Pausing only to caress a rock
That in my path may lay

I am a placid lake
In the noon day shinning bright
Flowing calmly on the surface
My true depth out of sight

I am raging river
Swiftly coursing by
Forming swirly patterns
But for a moment catch your eye

I am a cascading waterfall
Falling over mountain high
Displaying rainbow colors
In mist that rises to the sky

I am a swelling ocean wave
That comes in with the tide
Then rolls back out to sea again
My vitality to hide


Water is THE source of life....I am life, therefore....I am water!
Well I'm a water sign at least!