Prince Of Darkness

In the dark of night
I heard a call that sounded so clear
But was this call
Meant for me to hear?

I saw a passage
Illuminated for me to see
So I followed the path
That was laid out for me

It twisted and it turned
Till it had nowhere to go
And I stood there waiting a while
Before I turned to go

That is the moment that I saw him
Watching me intently
His eyes were aglow
As he looked at me

I stood there riveted
By his piercing glance
When he moved toward me
I felt entranced

His lips barely moved as he spoke
"At last, you have come"
Yes, I nodded slowly...unable to speak
He lifted a hand to touch my cheek

I could not tear my gaze
Away from his face
He then handed me a rose
My heart increased its pace

A sharp thorn pierced my flesh
When I clasped the flower in my hand
And from my finger
A droplet of blood ran

He brought my finger up to his lips
And as he drank me, he said
"Now you are mine,
and forever we shall walk the interim of time"

I looked up at him
Momentarily wavering...wondering
If I could give myself to him that way
But deep down inside, I knew I had no say

And when our lips met
We were suspended in time
He breathed me into his lungs
And I in turn, breathed him deeply into mine

My senses became clouded and dim
Yet I could not deny the force that was pulling me
T'was then I knew with certainty
That I would follow him

His lips pulled away from mine
To continue across my cheek
I could sense his growing hunger
And I suddenly felt weak

Somehow I knew that I had to fill his need
As his lips moved toward my neck
I gasped when he stopped, my pulse racing
Anticipating what might come next

As he gently sank his teeth into my flesh
I felt a searing, burning sensation
But was surprised when what I felt
Turned to exhilaration

The joy of knowing that I fulfilled his need
Filled me with such delight
And now that he has claimed me
I will be by his side, forever in the night

And so together we travel
My prince of darkness and I
In the recess of time we meet
Where we share the pulse of life that beats



Hmmm...too many late nights?!?
*Shrug* maybe it's just the arcane side of me....
(Where is Buffy when you need her? hehehe)