Pink Thoughts

I drifted on a soft cloud of thought
I wondered what it was
about pink...

Why is pink so pretty?
Why does it look so soft?
And then quite simply
the answer came to me

Pink is...the color of flesh

Then I thought
What is it about flesh?
What is it about flesh
that makes it so appealing?

flesh is....
Flesh is warm
and flesh is soft
Flesh feels silky
and smells so fragrant
And flesh feels so delicious
against your own

Flesh beats
Flesh is alive
Flesh is so sensitive to hot
and sensitive to cold
Sensitive to touch
And feels fantastic to hold
against your own

Flesh needs tender care
Flesh should be pampered
and appreciated
Flesh can be shared
Flesh can become one
Flesh can be molded
against your own

So here I sit
Rambling, babbling on
Riding this train of thought
Getting distracted
Getting distraught
With all of these
pink thoughts

Ok, so I appologize for subjecting you to my bizarre musing...
but ya didn't HAVE TO read it!!