Life's Path

I sit and ponder
As I look at the dark silent sky
Where life has taken me
And wonder....why?

Must I follow this path
Is it Kismet, Karma, Fate
This hand life has dealt me
Can I change it, is it too late?

The path is set before me
Do I trudge blindly ahead
Or stop a while to question
Should I take another road instead?

I may not know where I'm going
But when I look at where I've been
Had I chosen another path
Many things I'd have not seen has gently nudged me
And when these thoughts enter my head
I realize when I took that first step
It was my heart that led....

This poem is significant to me, because it is the first I have written, the first I have submitted, and the first to be published! Which marks for me the importance of overcoming those "first" hurdles...
It appears in in a book called Between Darkness and Light.