Parting Mist

Sometimes I am bewildered
by the hollow aching thud in my heart
when I am missing you.
I want to just reach out,
to touch,
to embrace
and let myself sense all that is you.
All that you give me,
all the joy,
the love that I feel envelop me
when we are together.
Why then,
must I also feel this pain?
Even when you are near,
sometimes the line
between sadness and joy
is not so easily defined.
How can I feel joy when I know
that we will soon part again?
It's as though there's an everlasting mist
hanging between us
I know that you are there,
I know that you will be leaving once again.
I cannot clearly see you through this haze of sadness,
touch you,
feel you
the way I'd really want to
Because I feel a chill,
running goosebumps
up and down my arms,
through my heart...
I shiver,
and try to shake this strange feeling.
Then I realize,
it's the mist...
It's the mist of parting
hanging bewteen us,
that keeps me from
the warmth
of you.

Mysty 30-03-2000