~An Ounce Of Strength~

There's no simple answer, no easy way out
You can cry, and scream, and shout
But only you can make the choice
Listen to your inner voice
An ounce of strength is all it takes
And the right decision you will make

You feel sorrow, loneliness, pain
Everything to loose, nothing to gain
The odds are stacked against you high
It tears you up, you wonder....why?
But when your heart aches and breaks and bleeds
An ounce of strength is all you need

Do not give up, do not despair
Look a little deeper, it's hidden there
The answer lies somewhere within
Don't let anguish close you in
An ounce of strength if you can find
Will surely help to ease your mind

Time was all that was required
You found again things you once aspired
Remember all the wishes, hopes and dreams
They lie still waiting to be felt and lived and seen
All you had to do was take deeper a look
An ounce of strength was all it took

An ounce of strength for good measure
Can help you again find love and peace and pleasure
It lies in all without a doubt
Though hard at times to be brought about
And should it seem almost impossible to find
I'll gladly lend an ounce of mine