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Ordinary Things

(A Diary Of Mindless Thoughts Or Happenings!)

I saw a page, where a guy recorded his dreams...well, since I almost like NEVER remember dreams,I thought it might be fun to record crazy thoughts instead! *Grin*

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Disclaimer thingie: Please keep in mind that these entries are usually scratched when I get out of bed at 4 a.m. to get ready for my yeah, there will be typographical, and gramatical errors, and whathaveyou...
Live with it!!

Going to give this page the "last entry first" look, I think...(not that anybody cares! hah!)

Translucent Matrix Moon

Drove to the theater (45 mins. away) Saturday night to go see Matrix Reloaded , with only a 50 minute window to get there. Wouldn’t you know it, when we got to the train track (only one left in our neck of the woods) miles and miles and miles of army vehicles; trucks, jeeps, tanks, armored vehicles, you name it...were slowly rolling down the track. *Clickety Clack, Clickety Clack*

On and on it went on for at least 15 minutes, and God knows how long before we even got there. I guessed a while, cause a couple of carloads of people had turned off their engines and stepped out of their vehicles to watch this parade go by.

Got there just in time though, and the lineup was long. But sure as heck worth the wait! Way cool, action-packed flic! It was awesome, though the fight scene was a little over-done. However, the overall concept of the matrix just blows my mind!

Yup, Imma geek! :P

Stopped at Tim Horton’s for a midnight coffee on the way home, and pulled my little Suzuki Aerio right alongside this gorgeous red Viper. Oh she looked so sexy sitting there with a light layer of dew gleaming from her hood in the glow of amber streetlights...purrrrrrrr!

And the Viper looked pretty darn spiffy too...Heh! I kill me ;)

When crossing the bridge just before getting home, the lake was so wonderfully calm, and the translucent moon reflected so clearly across the water; offering the most pleasant nighttime canvas to take to with me to dreams.

In fact, it was the subject of my very first attempt at an oil painting (nope not posting that one just yet!)

Back to school today after a week and a half at home. It’s always so hard to go back; even after almost a year and a half of this, I can honestly say I’ve had just about enough!

But alas I’ve yet another 3 months ahead of me...

So this is our final Network Project, and we were assigned to teams and I have to say, I fared out a lot better in this project than I did in the linux one...and things are chugging along nicely already. Not bad for Day 1.

I chose to set up the ISA Server, but I welcome the challenge! Can’t wait to dig into this hands-on portion, truth be told...because for me, this is truly the best way to experience and learn.

So, off I go to prep myself for tomorrow’s first course of the meal...

Rat Wheel

Scorpio, Your horoscope for the 15th of May:

Jupiter opposes Neptune and Mars today so you can expect some craziness to occur at this point. You may want to try to work though a very tough issue or come to terms with what is important. Avoid getting caught in an emotional loop however; or you may find yourself feeling a little like a rat running along a wheel. The Moon opposes Mercury as well so it’s really hard to communicate about what is going on in your life especially to loved ones. This is a good time however to speak the truth. You may want to focus on something that you were too afraid to say before, but now have found the courage to deal with it.

Sometimes this is so bang-on it scares me! Good thing I’ve always enjoyed a good fright though eh? ;)

Made some changes to the Pics page and added a new link way of getting off that little wheel for a while I guess *shrug*

Minivan Moms and City Bears

~Right, since I've always hated the "dated" format, I'll give an "entry title" a try...but what the hell am I saying? I may not even post for a while, because it's all starting to bore me anyhow. *shrug*

Yeah so, I'm sitting in the WalMart parking lot watching all these minivan moms ushering babies in the rain to buckle them up all safe and secure, then trotting off to finish their minivan mom errands and chores, and I'm thinking...there's no way in hades I'd ever be a minivan mom, I mean...nothing against that in any way, but it's just not me. I know this to be fact!

Oh the city bear part? Yeah huh, getting to that...

Seems a bear was up a tree, right at the intersection where I turn to go to campus. Policemen and Animal Control agents standing around, nosey spectators(like they'd never seen a bear before! har!) all just standing around...waiting. Sheesh! The poor creatures is frightened out of its wits by now...I don't think he's going to come down of his own free will. A local news camera at the scene as well, maybe I'll just flip the channel at dinner time to see if he made it down in one piece

It's just soooooo not surprising to me in ANY FUCKING WAY that just when one area of my life seems to iron out, multiple other ones pick up the slack and jerks me around for a while, just to make me squirm a little, I guess, I don't fucking know...but I do know I'm getting tired of...well, just about everything right now.


Maybe it's time to take a break from being me.

May 11, 2003

~Ok, I'm getting too old for this! No really! Studying the whole enchilada (800+pages)for tomorrow's final in Exchange 2000.

I'm doing good so far though, I've gotten two 90% grade on two quizes, which technically means I've already passed the course...So I should probably just go to bed eh?

I'm actually pretty confident about the contents of this class, I have to say.

Can barely keep my eyes open...been hitting the books a bit hard lately, and I'm exhausted!

Had something to talk about...just can't remember...oh yeah! I saw a white robin in my front yard, eating worms in the rain. She looked awesomely spectacular! With some Schubert sofly playing in the background and the rain drizzling outside my window, it quickly ranked itself as one of those rare "perfect moments" I'm glad I was able to take some pictures (I'll have to link them up sometime!)

I wrote a poem about it and posted it on A Weave of Willows Go check it out!



~The sky was really odd when I left the city today, it was dark and swirly, and seemed mirrored in the river as I drove alongside it. I felt an extension to the storms’ brewing.

Funny how someone who can be known to bring out "the best" in you...can somehow bring out the worst in you from time to time as well, eh?


C’est la vie I suppose!

When I’m being hurt/hurting, I usually push myself away from the people I care most about. I don’t want them to hurt in the process, or be a target should I lash out in confusion/frustration/anguish/pain. It’s happened on occasion, so I take that precaution when/if I can...I don’t know, I guess some people just don’t understand it, but I’m not going to explain more than’s just the way things are! So Uhm...DEAL!!

(don’t think I’ve ever put the "/" to use that often in one sentence before...Heh!)

On a different note:

I think there’s a reason that they saved Exchange 2000 as the last in the Microsoft lineup. OMG,what a complex entity! Quite the challenge to say the least! My brain is officially at the "information-overload" mushy stage again! I wake up and go to bed with a migraine (that could be seasonal allergy related though) so that doesn’t help, and I drive into and out of the city on auto-pilot every day.

Good thing I’ve got a guardian angel taking over the wheel ;)

I’m seriously beginning to think that this could be used as a method of torture ;) Yup! I love it!! (Masochist that I am)

Jesse Cook is a fantastic guitarist. His rumba-flamenco style is going down just right as I set up for a long night’s study session. Ah well, better get to it, I gotta kick me some ‘xam butt!

Buenos noces me compadres~

May 3, 2003

So it’s 60 beautiful degrees out there, I was out in my shorts and we washed the car and the truck, and did a little grilling...yummerlicious!

The movie Bulletproof Monk is playing at the Theater close to home (ok, so it’s not really close, it’s a 45 minute drive) I guess we’re going to see that’s been a while since we’ve been there. I guess the last movie I saw at the Theater was The Two Towers…so yup, definitely been a while. A little break before I nose-dive right back into my studies if you will…I have a midterm on Tuesday. I got 90% on my first exam(worked hard for it) but I need to do well throughout.

Did I mention that quite by accident I found out that the new Dean turned out to be my cousin? Hells yes! What a surprise that was!! Apparently his Grandmother and my Grandfather were sibs. What a small world huh?

So anyway, when I went to his office to plea my case, he sort of took it upon himself to help his kin and is seemingly going out of his way to help me get all of this stuff back on track.

Perhaps a part of it is that he is trying to impress me…you know, "hey look at the strings I can pull" sorta deal...I guess all that really implies is that he had to dig through school politics and cut through some red tape so that I can come back next semester to re-take the classes I failed, and do my work term then and stuff.

So am I impressed? Yeah sure, I guess so...but the fact remains that the hard part of it all is work that *I* need to do for myself...nobody can "pass" classes and exams for me. However I am grateful for his personal effort (which is in effect his job) to help me through this.

When I voiced my gratitude, I was met with a "all in a day’s work" reply. So here’s a tip of the hat to my cousin the Dean! ;)

And here is the Word du jour:

pullulate • \PUL-yuh-layt (the first syllable rhymes with "dull," not with "bull")\ • verb
1 a : germinate, sprout b : to breed or produce freely
*2 : swarm, teem

Example sentence: The coastal resort town is quiet now, but with summer approaching it will soon be pullulating with tourists.

Well here’s a little example of mine own: I better get off this desk chair before I start to pullulate! ;)

See yas~

April 26, 2003

~Today’s Merriam Webster’s Word of the Day is:

yeasty • \YEE-stee\• adjective
1 : of, relating to, or resembling yeast : having the froth of yeast or one suggesting it
2 a : immature, unsettled *b : marked by change c : full of vitality d : frivolous
Example sentence:
"In that yeasty time in the mid-sixties when I went to work as a reporter in Paris, the world was about to pop," wrote Raymond Sokolov in his book Why We Eat What We Eat.

Did you know?
The word "yeast" has existed in English for as long as the language has existed. Spellings have varied over time—in Middle English it was "yest" and in Old English "gist" or "geist"—but the word's meaning has remained basically the same for centuries. In its earliest documented uses, "yeast" referred to a creamy or yellowish froth that forms on the top of fermented beverages such as beers or ales (not surprising, given that one of the first commercial uses of yeast was in the preparation of such drinks), and that sense is still used today. In its first documented English uses in the 1500s, the adjective "yeasty" described people or things with a similarly yellowish or frothy appearance.

Ok this word makes me *snortchuckle* because of an ongoing joke the guys in my class have about who keeps visiting (I have no idea if such a place exists, and it today’s sick twisted perverted world, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did! No! You try it! :P~~~)

So anyway, all that just to give you the “good word du jour”!

Yup, got my new wheels (FINALLY) and I gotta say……“Lenoooooooooore! Lenoooooooooore!!!”

Yes, my ass is missing the comfort of the heated leather/lumbar air seats and all the perks in a bad way, but OMG I pulled up to a service station for a fill-up (it was half-empty) and it cost me all of $12 and I stood there laughing maniacally!! I was filling up the Jeep every second day and it would cost me anywhere between $48-$55 so this will be a relief for my pocket book…as will the 3 months sans payment, and the 0% financing, BABY!

I’m thinking once again, that I need to be cutting loose from a few attachments (a few too many) There are too many things going on requiring my attention, that I have to start prioritizing, or I’m just going to wear too thin…wait a minute…did I actually just object to thinness?!? Hah! S’yeah, Why don’t I just send it in the direction of my hips!

Arg! Back to school on Monday for moi. It’s always hard to go back after a few days stretch at home.

Oh well, I will survive…

“I will survive,
Oh as long as I know how to love,
I know I'll stay alive
I've got all my life to live
And I've got all my love to give
And I'll survive
I will survive
Hey hey…”


“Thank you, Thank you very much!”

“This concludes my impressions for the evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you for visiting the Lizard Lounge and ...y’all come back now, y’hear!”

(Yes it’s late...imma go bed now...buh bye~)

~April 22, 2003

I am so sick and tired of doing up Tax Reports, it’s not even funny!

Year’s end and Quarterly both due by the 30th of the month, but both thankfully are now officially done! Where does that leave me? It leaves me 2.5 days to prepare for a cert exam that I probably have to book for 7:00 a.m. which means that I need to leave home for 5:30 which is no easy feat when you’ve got a grumpy kidlet to drag out the door…which means that…once again I probably won’t be going to take one during the time I have “off” from class.

And speaking of class, I’ve got to gear down for the final stretch…the last of the series is also the longest “Exchange 2000”. Then it’s technical training, then work term, but because I have 3 classes to retake, my class time will be extended to the end of September, and I won’t be doing my work term until then…but I can live with that!

It’s grey and dreary. Has been drizzling on and off for two days now, and supposed to for the next two as well. The snow’s all gone, and the temperature is nice enough, but you can’t go out and enjoy it because of the rain.

I love the rain, but not when it’s just drizzly like this, I love raging downpours, or when I can hear a steady rhythm tapping on the tin roof. We had our first thunderstorm last week, it was awesome! It rumbled and shook the ground, it trembled through me…made me want more!

Perhaps I will do some painting or drawing today, or perhaps not…

I’m feeling somewhat volatile today, so perhaps all I should do is make like an ostrich and just stick my head in the sand! ;) (safer for everybody that way!)

Yesterday, once again I got a call for the Park. T’was a seasonal camper asking for the “new manager person” *snort* I recognized the lady’s voice, but I guess she didn’t realize who she was talking to. The irony is that the phone number there is quite similar to my home number, and so I often get calls for there. I have to admit, I did feel a stab of nostalgia at hearing her voice…we had always gotten along superbly.

Oh well, time to turn that page again…

~April 17, 2003

Stayed up late to to study for today’s final Proxy Exam, but my brain stayed up even later than me…I couldn’t turn it off, couldn’t stop it from thinking...GUH!

I hate when that happens...where’s the power switch man???

Anyway, when I finally did fall asleep, I dreamt that I had an accident with my Jeep; that the brakes had failed and I wrecked it, though I wondered how they could have failed me when I just had new ones put on a coupla weeks ago.

Now I’m trading Lenore in any day now, and this was my last drive to and from the city with we played one last game of "Traffic Tag" and drove 80-100 mph all the way home...when it was the guy in the van’s turn to pass me, he decides to do in on this stretch where there was 3 cars ahead of him...only, the first car in the line just happen to be turning left as he decided to pass the lineup (in a no passing zone too...tsk tsk!) so 80mph traffic jams their brakes, and lemme tell ya...I had a flashback to my dream...*phew*

Anyway, as I turned off the highway to head home, the guy waved buh bye to me and I made an 1-1/2 hr drive in 50 mins!

Ok...I’ll BEEhave now, sheesh! Who are mother?!!

(scored me a 75% passing grade on Proxy Servers! Go meeeeee)