Nues Récentes

Nude 1

I love this pose.

I've a fascination for sketching nudes lately. I guess I want to practice my hand at lines, and curves, and arches, and proportion.

Plus the human body is such a fascinating subject!

Nude 2

Well yeah there's not much there, she's in progress...

Oh who am I kidding? They are ALL works in progress!!

I need some live models! Both male and female

*Interested applicants apply within* ;)

Nude 3

One of my favs so far!

I've paid a little more attention to detail in this one, I'm still tweeking and refining, she's looking too muscular, but aren't her breasts and nipples gorgeous? ;)

Pssst...Top left corner mouse-over gives you the option to enlarge the pic once you click the thumbnail