The Looking Glass

Looking in a mirror
Past the exterior shell
That is my body
Looking past all that is apparent
Seeking the true "me"
The me I know I can be

I see things that I keep so well hidden
Private thoughts and dreams
Hidden pain and suffering
Which no one else must see
I cling to them, I hold fast
I cannot let them slip away

At times I let them envelop me
Like a thick blanket
Giving me a sense of warmth
At times scorching hot
I cannot stand it against my skin
Yet, I cannot shed it
It is a part of me

I can only hope for some release
From the things restricting me
Holding me in their grasp
That when I step away from the mirror
I can be the me
The me that is meant to be.....


Sometimes one of the hardest steps one must take in to step away