The Fabric Of Life

The Fabric of our lives
starts out with one tiny threat.
Along the way many are woven with that one thread,
meshing with it.
Before you know it,
you have a piece of fabric that you can hold on to.
Hold on to it for comfort,
like a security blanket.
Hold on to it for strength.
Remember that each tiny thread is fused to yours,
binding to your fabric, making it solid.
Sometimes the edges may fray.
Sometimes there's a tear.
Sometimes one tiny thread pulls away from it completely,
leaving only a trace of its existance in the weave.
But it holds together still.
Still it is strong.
It may fade as the years go by.
It may become tattered.
But it is still a solid piece of fabric
that still has its attributes,
still has its function,
and its purpose.
It can still be held delicately,
it still feels soft to the touch
It still provides warmth, comfort and reassurance to others.
As those other threads are binded to yours,
yours touches theirs as well,
becoming part of their weave,
completing their fabric too.