Like a rose petal
Touch her softly if you dare
Mind she does not crumble in your hands
When you hold her there

Like a porcelain doll that you love
And you take good care of
Hold her delicately
Treat her preciously

After all it's her heart that you hold
It's the coffer's gold
The love that she gives
Knows no rancour, it forgets and forgives

But love is such a fragile thing
Like a gossamer web, a delicate wing
If you do not want to loose or break it
One thing that you must never forget

Strive to make it grow
And never let it go
To keep forever as yours and keep it whole
Doubly return and nurture it, heart and soul



For you unilingual folks, the thing about translation is you tend to get too litteral and you sometimes lose some of the essense....but you'll get the gist of it.... *smile*