Dream Sweet

As the morning sun's rays
filters through the window shades
I watch the steady rise and fall of your chest.
You look so tranquil, so at ease,
almost like a careless child
as you linger in peaceful rest.

I see your lips twitch
with a trace of a smile,
and I wonder what happy dreams
tiptoe through your mind...

I wonder if the pot of gold you seek,
you will find...
Perhaps you have caught a fallen star,
or travelled land and sea afar?

Maybe you slew the dragon and
rescued fair damsel distressed...
Or do you lay spent in the glow
of soft skin carressed?

You sigh, a happy contented sigh
I smile, and sweep tender brush of lips
across your shut eyelids.
I leave you to your pleasure....Dream sweet Beloved!



Hmm...I wonder what modern-day dragon could possibly be slain to save fair damsel? *wink*