Copper Moon

The reflected light's dull glow
Across the snow-crusted field
Beckons her to follow
The mystical power that it wields

She raises her arms high
To the dark sky up above
And lets her spirit take wing
Like a snow-white dove

Her plea to the copper moon
Echos in the wind
Looking for some answers
To fill the hollow within

The copper moon whispers
Meanings in the air
As the cool crisp winter winds
Ripple through her hair

All of her silent cries
And her wind-dried tears
Tonight the copper moon listens
Tonight the copper moon hears

Casting its soft glow
Upon her tear-stained cheek
The moon shows her the answers
That for so long she did seek

Now that in her heart she knows
She carries the moon's glow
On a spiritual journey
The moonchild now will go

She carries with her a message
That she wants to share you
So that you may come along
This harmonious journey too