Who Will Catch You When You Fall?

Who will catch you when you fall?
Who will help you to stand tall?
Who will mend you when you break?
Who will love you for love's own sake?

Who will help heal your battered soul?
Who will give you a hand to hold?
Who will wipe away your tears?
Who will calm your fears?

Who will listen when you cry?
Who will be your friend, your ally?
Who will give you room to breathe?
Who will hold your heart when it bleeds?

Who will not run when you scream?
Who will listen to you dream?
Who will help you to take flight?
Who will hold you through the night?

Who will always be by your side?
Who will find you when you try to hide?
Who will never let you go?
Who? Don't you know?

I am the one, don't you see?
I'll be there for eternity...
You don't have to stand there all alone
Take my hand, I'll be your stone