~ A Bit About Moi ~


Born, raised and live here still. Here = small western Quebec town where the population varies according to lunar phases, the amount of chlorine they put in our townís drinking water, and how rampant swamp fever is at the time!<--Kidding!

Itís a beautiful, quiet, serene place. Weíre surrounded by mountains, trees and lakes. Therefore our local economy is based on logging and tourism...pretty simple deduction, Sherlock *wink*


After giving up my beloved Librarian title, I spent the next two summers working fulltime as a Campground Manager (which is the only reason I gave up the part-time Librarian position). It boasted 135 campsites and 1800 feet of gorgeous beach! I sincerely believed I owned a little corner of heaven for the time I was there. Itís not every day youíre able to get paid to do something you absolutely love...I was still surrounded by nature, got to meet people from around the world, and got to serve the public, which Iíve always loved doingÖI guess Iím a people person.

Why did I quit? For various reasons...one of which was to follow my dream of returning to school (though I question my sanity for making this choice at times) Opportunity came knocking, and I was in a position to open the door...so I did!

One year later, just past the halfway mark of this Microsoft and Linux Networking program; I am A+ certified, need to move my butt to get the Linux one done, and have strapped myself down for a helluva ride cause we are now delving into the MCSE portion of the program, which requires 7 more certifications.

How many times have I felt like throwing in the towel? Too many times to keep track of...People just donít appreciate the opportunities they have that are so easily within reach.

I have a 1 Ĺ-hour drive, twice daily to get to and from College through rain, hail, sleet and snowÖbut here I am, 11 months X 700 miles per weekís travel later...still doing it!

I donít quit. Never have. Never will. Iím just too damn stubborn! (Yep, Iím French! *wink*)


So many hobbiesÖso little time!

I love to read, I collect dusty old classics, but love to read everything from Historical novels to Fiction and Fantasy, a good Mystery once in a while, Poetry (of course!) and Myths and Legends of all kind (particularly Celtic & Arthurian legend) Oh, and just about anything I can get my hands on about Ancient Civilizations.

Music has always been a part of my life in a big way. I love all types. It "speaks" to me in ways beyond words.

I took classical guitar for five years in high school, and have forgotten most of what I've learnt!

And when I say my musical taste is as eclectic as my lifestyle, let me give you an example: From doing my bookkeeping while listening to Liszt and Vivaldi, to reading poetry while listening to some Ozzy or Metallica!! (Shut up!) Catch my drift now?!? Only thing I love more than music, is dancing to it. Iíve gotta move all the time!

I love fantasy art, but I guess you've figured that one out already if you've toured my site! Royo, Bell and Vallejo, just to name a few...check out some of my favourite links on the main page.

Iíve recently discovered an interest in drawing, and painting. (Watercolours, so far) Though Iíd never done any previously, I was pretty happy with the results and with the fact that when my poetry pen didnít flow, this too could be a form of release for me. This is definitely something I want to develop, and who knows, I may decide to post some stuff later onÖ (oh donít worry...Iíll give you fair warning! *wink*)

I love being a Goddess in my own kitchenÖthough Iíve not much time for it anymore...I miss that.

Other things I miss having the time for include dabbling in aromatherapy (made bath salts and oils) knitting, crocheting, sewing, etc...I guess Iíve always had a need to be creative.

Ending this now, though Iím sure you havenít even gotten THIS FAR! *Yaaaawn*

Iím sure is about as much as you can stand at this point!