Beyond Time

Beyond the veil of time
I have breathed, felt and lived
Beyond a barrier that obscures
A moment of free will

Without a clue of what I might find there
Or how I might react
Or if I could cross back over the threshold
With my feelings intact

For a brief moment I have felt
A bit of freedom and abandon
And while time stood still I did not have to think
But the veil of time shifted and beckoned on the brink

I have stepped back through the portal
And life holds me once again in it's grasp
I can only look through the sheer fabric of the veil
That shrouds both the future and the past

When the gentle breeze blows
And the veil rustles a bit
I am transported beyond time again
Where I become a free-spirit

Mysty 12-07-99

I have an old soul, I believe I have teleported through the veil...time and time again