~Amateurish Art~

I had never sketched nor painted before.  In June of 2002, this incredible urge to try both came over me...though I had no idea where/how to start, I went out to buy myself some pads, pencils and watercolors, and these are some of the results!

It's all about expression.   I have a need to release this creative force that builds up inside, and I discovered that the pen was not the only means for me to do so.  I would definitely like to develop and further enhance these as well as explore other mediums.  Now all I need to do, is learn how to bottle myself a little TIME, and I'm all set!

Please bear with me in the process, and keep checking...ya never know when something new will pop up!!

Thanks for dropping by! 

And...you can stop laughing now!  : P



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