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The New Site 03-25-04 14:00 EST


Tada! Exactly one month from the debut of my new setup I managed to actually add an Image Gallery =p. This means that there is actually stuff to look at on my site!!!!!!! Anywho, this is how the gallery will work. Every week round abouts I shall update the 5 images that you can see on the main page and then to see the rest of the stuff just clck on the link at the bottom and it should bring you to a list of links that will take you to my previous older stuff. please enjoy and contact me anyway possible if you want to know more /curious/ think I suck. =p Thanks
The New Site 03-25-04 14:00 EST


So as of today the site has a new look, and this is it. I updated the menu bar and changed the layout some. Also if you are one of the people from TSL and you want to link to me i have an affialite icon at the end of this post. More to be updated soon. I am going to get the links page done tonight and working, hope you enjoy the site, and if anyone can tell me how to make a form so that when i update this page I dont have to edit the html that would be hot.
Laters ~ Justin
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