[Your initials spell out]: AL or ALL - - you pick
[Have you ever owned a pet goldfish?]:
Many times over
[Do you eat Goldfish?]:
Can't say that I have. I did on the other hand watch one get squished in someone's hand the other night. It made the most unpleasant sound...
[Your favorite birthday memory]:
My birthday's have a tendency to be disastrous, but I'll say my third birthday which was the day before my aunt's wedding...not that that's relevant
[Moment you're most proud of]:
the end of last summer when I got my shit together and realized that Nathan and I are not meant to be apart
[Moment you're most ashamed of]:
Damn near everything that took place in June and July of last year.
[Celebrity crush]:
John Stamos ;-) -- he's the most recent addition to my expansive list
[Non-celebrity crush]:
My latin lover Hudalgo

:: fill in the blanks, mofo ::
[Pirates are]:
[Don't be fooled by]:
my serious and uptight tendencies. I really do know how to let go and have a good time - honest :p
[I'm too sexy for my]:
left ear lobe
[Courtney Love is]:
up there with Pirates
[I'd like another]:
state to live in
[I don't understand]:
just why we can't be lovers. Eh nevermind...
[Where did all the good people go?]:
Far away from you.
[Dude. Sweet. Dude. Sweet.]:
Dude it's homeless!
[Girls are]:
[Boys are]:
not quite men
[Only the _______ survive]:
[Can I get a booyah?]:
Quite possibly

---are you---
No. Have I been at some point in my life? Yes.
I'm not stubborn. I just always have to get my way :p
I try to be, but there's just some things - or maybe I should say some people, that bring out the worst in me.
Arrogant people suck.
Only with children that don't know any better.
Far from it. I'm having a hard time staying awake.
It happens on occasion.
Not always.
No. Depression is a lasting condition, and I think it's pretty difficult to be "depressed" one day and everything's hunky dory the next. People who pull that shit drive me crazy. Rant.

---with the opposite sex---
[Favorite eye color on the opposite sex?]:
[Hair color?]:
Blonde or dark brown.
[Curly or straight?]:
"the chicks dig the curlies" haha
[Tall or short?]:
Average, bordering on the tall side
[Red hair, blonde hair, brunette or other?]:
[Pale tan or in the middle?]:
"In the middle" was a good song back in the day, so we'll go with that one.

---would you---
[Shave your head for $1000?]:
Doubtful. If things were getting desperate, than maybe.
[Cheat on your bf/gf?]:
No. That's not something I could or would ever do.
[Eat a bug?]:
Not intentionally
[Be on fear factor?]:
That would be the biggest waste of time. I'd be gone after the first stunt.
[Kill yourself?]:
maybe one or two times just to see if it were worth it...
[Cut yourself if you were depressed?]:
No. That is a disorder that's way beyond my means of understanding. The idea of anyone hurting themselves like that makes me sick to my stomach
[Turn goth?]:
I don't "turn" anything. I am what I am.
[Dress up as the opposite sex and go out in public as a dare?]:
Sure. Why not?

[Do you make friends easily?]:
[Are you outgoing or shy?]:
It all depends upon the situation.
[Do people find you funny?]:
Not thinking so.
[Do you have a positive out look on life?]:
Only when the voices in my head tell me pretty things
[Do you like to listen to what people say?]:
Who's doing the talking?

*Opposite Sex*
[What do you look for in a relationship?]:
I don't anymore. It is what it is.
[Looks or Personality?]:
A packaged deal would be nice.
[Does it matter that he/she is a different race?]:
I'd love to say "no," but based upon past experience, I'll have to say that yes, it does matter.

*Goals in life*
[What do you plan on doing for employment later in life?]:
In an ideal world, I'd stay at home with my children and be the stereotypical housewife. Chances are though, I'll become a pre-school teacher, or a teacher's aide in the event that I don't make it through college.
[Do you want to get married?]:
Oh no way. I'd just like to have dozens of illegitimate love children by different men and keep house for the one with the most money. Sound like a plan?
[Have kids?]:
Yes. Someday. No surprises please.
[If so, how many kids?]:
One or three.
[What do you want to name your kids?]:
Molly Katryn, JoAnna Brielle, and Evan James or Evan Thomas
[If you dont want kids why not?]:
I honestly can't recall a time that I didn't want to have kids.
[Do you plan on going to college?]:
Yes, but plans don't always work out the way that they're supposed to.

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