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y ii lOvE mAii BaMbAm

Sup Pplz.....I love my baby Jam Jam......yea.....and stuff......i actually don't kno wut u can do at this website yet....xcept learn bout my baby jam, lets me tells ya boutz me-self.....i love my baby jamjam^_^i wuz born -n- raised in the county-a dade....and broward...shout out to all my broward pplz.....that would ry, rich, daina, duke, crystal, ben, maria, gabriel(even tho he in tallahassee now), and for those unmentioned, sry!! yall still in my heart....and a shout out to all my dade pplz!!! shauny, shai shai, DaZ, Rose, and Kev(u sexy bitches u^_^), heriberto(G_SKILLET!!), Jason(penis boy), Mike(volleyball star), lissi(ma), jaira(ma), gabby(mike's lover), alex(aka pudge aka big pimpin), and to all others i didnt mention, kno that yall still in my heart too....AND A BIG ASS SHOUT OUT TO MY BABY, MY INFANT, MY FARTKNOCKER, MY LOVER, JAMJAM!!!!!(AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!!!)well, here's about me, im haitianese, im average height(5'9"), i stay in north dade, i been on this earth for 6,205 days and some months(17yrs)hopefully this shitty shit site'll get some pix eventually.....well, for now, thats it march 3, '04 much luv, bernard aka bambam aka burnz aka bizcuit aka cbiz aka cbizkuit LUV YA BABY!!! MMMWWWAAAHHH!!!!!! im gonna fuk u<(^-^)> hEii EvRiiwUn iiM JaMjAm! mAii ReAlS`z nAiiMe iiS`z jEsSiiCa...ii lOvE mAii BaMbAm sOoOo fUcC`n mUcH...n RiiChArD BaMbAmS`z MyN GrRrRr lOl HaHa wElLsS`z yEa...iiM uH mUt lOl iiM fiiLiiPiiNa QbAn hAwAiiAn n JaPaNeSe...Am Uh ShOrTii hEhE bUt ShOrTnEsS`z iiS`z dOpEnEsS`z lOl...ii LiiHv n kEnDaL fAr 4rM mAii BayBee bUt wE mAkE iiT wErCc...wElLsS`z yEa DiiS`z iiS`z r SyT wHiiCh iiS`zNt tAt GuD bUt iiT AeNt sOo CrApPii nE mO lOl . o O yEa n AnOtHr TiiNq iiS`z ii lOvE mAii BaMbAm iiM nOt ObSeSsE`d Or 2 DaH pOiiNt wHeA iiM StAlKiiN HiiM lOl bUt Da StAlKeE iiS`zNt SpOsE 2 nO bOu Da StAlKeR *lAfFsS`z EviiL* hEhE jK jK nO RyD lOl wElLsS`z yEa DiiS`z SyT wHiiL hAv PiCcS`z ^d8S`z AlL tAt bUt mAii BayBeeS`z tRiiNq 2 FiiNd Ou hOw 2 qEt PiiCcS`z hEhE wElLsS`z tHeN dAsS`z AlL fA nOw mAdD wUbbS`z 2 EvRiiwUn n Uh BiG ShOuOu 2 mAii BayBee BoO bOo ii lOvE u BayBee hOpE wE lAsS`zt lOnG 2 Da wErLd u mEaN wUn PeRsOn bUt 2 wUn PeRsOn (mE) u CaN mEaN dA wErLd MwAaAhHhHh mAdD wUbbS`z tA cHu BayBee ii lOvE u MaRcH 3, 2004-fOrEvR nD uH dAii BiiEe BiiEe iiM OuTsS`z mAdD wUbbS`z Pz

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