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Miguel Huertas Web Page

- Personal Info. - ABOUT MIGUEL


It is more than a fullfillment pleasure to have you here in my web-site. I dont know the purposes of your visit, but I will just make it as delightful as I can and then after you will come back here.

For 2004, I will finish my 3rd year in Electrical Eng, for the first 4 months.
Then I am planning to visit my home country for summer.
At last, I will be starting my last university year in sept 2004!

For this year's version of my site I have included a bit more of DHTML code, java scripts and obviously I inheretied the previous pages which I considered were of sustancial importance for the shape of the site. The most significant and visited page is the Pictures Page that have been updated by many of you.

Once again THANKS!