Thanks for signing off! Jeez. So anyway, heres how to TOTALLY take the Sims off your computer.

First, right click the Sims shortcut on your desktop (Don't have one? Go to the start button and find the shortcut through there and follow the same steps.)
Click that and then...
Now, see that link at the bottom? (aka Add/Remove Programs? Your computer might not have that, if not contact me) Click it and were on to the next part...
You should find something like this click on it.
Click the remove button and follow the steps it tell you to.

As "hard" as that was there is still more. Now go to your My Computer icon. Most computers have it. when you are there, you should find the c: drive icon sometimes known as local drive c: but on mine its HP_Pavilon (c:) yours might be this way but who knows. It definatley should have a c:.
1. Once there, click on a file called, "Program Files".
2. Now, click on the file, "Maxis".
3. There might be a file in there that says "The Sims" if so click on it. If not, and there are many files, go to the next step.
4. Okay, screw that. There might not be another step right click the file that says "The Sims". Don't have it? Highlight all files (or do them one at a time), right click and delete.
5. Your computer might say that it is to big to be deleted, if so you'll have to delete the files seperately.
6. So there should be no more "Maxis" file when you go to the "Program Files" file. K?

Now, you can re-install. Insert your original sims disk and click install. Install it, and then insert your "Unleashed" disk. It might not have the option of install, if it does click it, if not, go to "More Info" or something like that and click re-install "Unleashed". Re-install it and then you should be ready to play.

I hope I helped! Good luck! TTYL!

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