*The Escape By Jill Valentine*

Rebecca exited from the gas station, which lead onto Warren Street Rebecca turned left and continued up the street and turned left at the first corner onto Euston Street. The apartments were right on the corner. Walking up the path leading to the apartments she was greeted with 3 zombies. Taking aim she fired 3 shots at each of them and then another 3 shots killing them except from one which was about to grab her foot. Smirking she raised her foot and brought it down on the zombies head smashing it. After wiping her foot on the edge of the grass to clear off all the zombie brain that she just squashed, Rebecca made her way inside the apartments. It didn’t take her long to find the room. She searched her pockets for the key and unlocked the door.

The room was dark and the curtains were pulled over. There was a rather large TV at the corner and on the bed in the center of the room Rebecca could see a figure. *Must be who I’m looking for* Slowly walking up to the bed Rebecca kneeled down at the side and pulled the covers down a little to reveal the face of Jill Valentine. Rebecca could see blood coming from her head. Douglas patched it up but the blood was seeping threw. Rebecca threw a glance at Jill’s face. Moving her hand up to rest on Jill’s cheek, Rebecca closed her eyes and smiled but suddenly opened them and jerked her hand away as Jill began to move.

“Rebecca?” Jill muttered softly making Rebecca’s heart skip a little.

“Yeah Jill it’s me” Replied Rebecca. Jill rubbed her head wincing as she felt the pain. She tried to sit up but Rebecca gently pushed her back down.

“Lay down. Let me fix your head and you can tell me what happened. Unfortunately I don’t have my medical stuff on me so rest here and I’ll run to the hospital and get some things.”

“No Becca. It’ll be too dangerous.  There’s some… something out there, stronger than those zombies,” said Jill swallowing the pain and closing her eyes whilst grabbing Rebecca’s arm.

“Just relax Jill,” said Rebecca touching the side of Jill’s face *She’s so beautiful* thought Rebecca. “I’ll be back before you know it. Try and go back to sleep.” Jill was already away to sleep. Rebecca smiled and gently kissed the top of her head and left the apartments.

Turning left from the apartments Rebecca headed to the central station, as it was quicker to take the train to the hospital. She figured there would be enough petrol for it. After filling it up Rebecca got in and pulled the leaver to start it up. The train started off slowly and the gradually got faster. It followed the line between Warren Street and Berd Street and then onto Raccoon Street where it stopped at Raccoon Station. Exiting the train Rebecca killed some zombies and dogs and ran down onto Mission Street where Raccoon Hospital was, just behind the clock tower.  Walking up the stairs Rebecca killed everything that got in her way, either by squashing its head into the ground or by shooting it. Once she got into the hospital she stopped to take a look at all the bodies laying around the main hall floor. Every one of their heads had been taken off. 

From the corner of the room she could hear THUMP THUMP THUMP. She knew exactly what it was. Taking out the Benelli M3S shotgun she had brought, she aimed to the corner where the thumping was coming from. She fired when she saw the green frog like monster emerge from the corner of the room. After 5 blasts from the Benelli M3S shotgun, the hunter fell. Sighing she re-loaded the shotgun knowing that if one was here there’d be more.

She didn’t need to go very far to get what she was looking for. The room to her left had stitched, Band-Aids and anesthetic wipes. After blasting away 2 hunters she grabbed them all up she rushed back out and headed for the train. She had to kill more hunters as she made her way there and again when she got to the station. The station had 6 hunters all jumping about. 2 were fighting with each other and one more was going to join the fight. Rebecca loaded her shotgun and noticed she was beside ladders leading to the station roof. *Perfect* she thought as she climbed up. Taking aim she fired at the hunters from the room. One jumped up beside her. *Oh sit, I forgot they could jump this high* Rebecca turned and fired at the hunter, quickly reloading as two more jumped up. She rolled to her right as one of the hunters jumped at her. She aimed and fired. There was one left to kill. She fired 4 rounds and then it jumped. Rebecca tripped and fell back. Just as the hunter was about to land she fired her last shot and rolled to the right. The shot killed the hunter. Sighing she got up and climbed down. She ran for the train as the other three were fighting. She quickly started it up and left the station to go back and get Jill. She didn’t have to go to far.  She saw a figure falling to the ground and as the train got closer she saw it was Jill. Hitting the breaks Rebecca jumped out and ran to Jill. Kneeling down she shouted her name and held her and tears ran down her face.

Back at the apartments Jill was tossing and turning as she dreamed.

Jill was breathing fast as she ran. Terrifying moans filled the air and a scream was building up inside her throat. She could feel the sting and a thumping in her hand. She didn’t dare look down at the fingers that were missing. Missing because of a careless mistake. Jill could feel herself getting tired from running so fast. She was tripping every now and again as she was trying not to slow down. Jill didn’t want to die. Not like this. She knew they could smell the drip of her blood. They were coming for her. She started slowing down and suddenly from all ends herds of zombie came at her. Grabbing her and pulling her down all fighting for her blood. She screamed as they ripped at her foot, legs, and arms.  Jill tried to fight them off but failed as she felt one of the zombies ripping at the skin on her neck. She could no longer move. She stared at the streetlight as the zombies tore at her. She knew she would become one of them.

Jill screamed, waking from her nightmare. Her breathing was erratic, choked by tears and sweat.  She instantly reached for her pistol, but within the same moment, she realized it was all an illusion, a torment created by her mind. Her heavy breathing continued as she grabbed onto the bedside table to pull herself up. She was really dizzy from her head wound. Her head felt as though it was going to explode. Once she had stood up she stayed standing for a while to regain balance and then staggered to the apartment door. *I must find Rebecca* Jill thought to herself as she loaded her Sigpro SP2009 and left the room. Staggering out of the apartments Jill used everything possible to hold her balance. She spotted a zombie coming from across the road. Leaning against the fence Jill aimed her Sigpro SP2009 and strained her eyes to get a good aim at the zombie. The zombie was getting closer and so Jill just fired hoping she would hit it. It took her 15 shots to kill it. With a sigh of relief Jill stopped aiming. Just as she was about to move she felt someone grab her from behind. She turned her head to see a zombie. She threw her hands up in defense as the zombie sunk its teeth deep into Jill’s hand. Jill pulled her hand away as the zombie succeeded in getting two of her fingers. Jill panics and thought *Just like my nightmare* If this was her nightmare coming to life she knew what would happen next. Jill turned and ran as fast as she could. Being dizzy didn’t help. She was breathing heavily and it was becoming hard to see. Jill started slowing down and suddenly about 6 zombies grabbed her from all directions. The zombies were fighting for a piece of Jill. Jill let out a painful scream as one of the zombies sunk its teeth into her leg and another into her arm. Jill struggled to get away. She threw her arms about and kicked her feet. She managed to kick them off her. Dragging herself up she limped and staggered down the street. She eventually fell just next to the train track between central Station and Raccoon Station. Her vision was blurry and the last think she heard and saw was Rebecca yelling her name and kneeling beside her before falling unconscious. 

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