*The Escape By Jill Valentine*

Slowly Rebecca rose from her bed wiping the sleep from her brown eyes. She felt really warm but what could you expect living in hell. She had been in Raccoon City for 2 days now trying to escape. Taking a look out of her window she saw some people beating away at zombies with anything they had in order to get away. They weren’t succeeding. The zombies were too strong. Rebecca sighed and decided to get some coffee before going out to try and escape from the infested city. After drinking up her coffee she was going to head to the bathroom to wash up but decided against it, after all she’s just going to get dirty again, it would be a waste of time. Sighing Rebecca grabbed her guns and headed outside.

As soon as Rebecca stepped outside of the house a zombie launched at her from the corner of the stairs, quickly turning Rebecca pushed the zombie back before it bit her. Raising her handgun she fired killing it. Turning back around she saw 3 zombies approaching the front gate. Running threw the grass next to the gate Rebecca dived over the fence and ran down Ennerdale Street. Whenever she got the chance she checked all cars to see if she could get any working. Not that it’d help anyway everywhere is barricaded. Running onto Good Street Rebecca slowed down to a stop as she arrived at the City College. Walking up the path to the entrance she heard a low growl. Stopping Rebecca gripped her gun and slowly turned to the source of the growl. She saw a Cerberus slowly stagger from side to side coming towards her. She knew it would jump at her if she made any sudden movement so she slowly raised her gun and took aim. Waiting until it got just a little closer. Once it was close enough Rebecca fired 6 shots killing the bloodthirsty dog. She turned and continued up the stairs to the Raccoon City College.

When she went inside she looked around from her place at the door. The place was a mess. Pictures ripped off the walls, bloody hand prints on the walls and floor, chairs had been thrown about and blood soaked papers on the floor. The only light in the main hall of the college was flickering. Looks like it won’t last long I’ll have to find a flashlight. Thought Rebecca searching under some papers lying about the room. After about 10 minuets of searching Rebecca found nothing except a finger, which wouldn’t be any help what so ever.

Rebecca walked over to the first door on the right, which led to one of the classrooms. Inside there were benches with gas taps on them and around the room there was various science equipment. Rebecca started by searching the teacher’s desk. Starting at the top she looked threw some files but found nothing of interest. Next she started to search the desk. Opening the top right hand side drawer she saw pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers and calculators. Doubt I’ll be needing any of those. Closing the drawer she opened the one below to find some 9x19 parabelum rounds and some Shotgun Shells. These may come in handy. I don’t understand though... Why would a teacher have these...

“Identify yourself.” Said a voice. Rebecca looked up to see a man. He was dressed smartly in a suit. Probably works here

“I’m Rebecca Chambers. I’m a member of S.T.A.R.S.” The man lowered his weapon and walked up to Rebecca.

“A cop. Good. Names Dave. I’m head of this college. It’s a shame no one believed your story. Maybe none of this would have happened. Where’s the rest of your team?”

“I don’t know. I think Chris went to Paris and Barry took his family out of the City. Jill... I uh don’t know where she is. I do hope she’s alright.”

“You’d better get out of here. Go to central station. Take the train out of the city.” Said Dave walking past Rebecca to sit on a stool.

“What about you?” The man lifted his suit jacket to reveal a blood soaked white shirt.

“I’m infected. Get out of here. Get out of this City before you suffer the same fate as me.” Rebecca didn’t want to leave him but knew she had to. Nodding she turned and headed back out.

“Don’t move,” shouted a male voice from behind Rebecca.

“Don’t shoot, I’m human.”

“Hmmmm, slowly move away from the door and drop your guns.”

“I’m a cop.” Said Rebecca slowly turning around to face the man. He had white hair, well geared up and was about 6’2’ Rebecca guessed he was in his 30’s.

“Show me your badge.”

Rebecca slowly took out her badge keeping her eye on the man with the gun. It wasn’t until she slid the badge across the floor that she noticed the Umbrella logo on his shirt. Oh shit Rebecca quickly made a break for the door. Crashing threw it she rolled onto the grass and to her feet. She ran down the rest of Good Street and onto Raccoon Street. Making her way to Warren Street and then onto Euston Street. Killing everything that stood in her way. She slowed down to a walk as she came to the Central Station. With luck the train was in the station. Rebecca climbed in to the driving area and pulled the leaver but the train didn’t move.

“Shit” Rebecca cursed. Looking at the meter she saw that it needed fuel. Coming off the train and out of the station Rebecca went to the gas station. Raising her gun she pushed open the door. Slowly walking in she passed by a car that was being fixed up. Walking over to a shutter, which was the only other place to go Rebecca pushed the button. Nothing happened. She walked over to a small window looking into the place behind the shutter to see various tools. She spotted a canister, which she needed to collect the fuel. Suddenly something moved from within the garage. Rebecca looked in closer to where she saw movement but seen nothing. Sighing she turned and decided to go out back to see if she could find another way in or at least try and restore power to the shutter.

Back on Fox Street Jill Valentine was blasting away at 3 zombies, taking their heads clean off with her Benelli M3S Shotgun. Wiping away the blood that splattered across her face, Jill continued down Fox Street passing Fisson Street and headed to Raccoon High School to see if she could find any survivors. Opening the door she walked into the main hall. Taking out her flashlight she switched to her Sigpro SP2009 Handgun so it would be easier to use the flashlight while aiming and firing. Like back in the college there was blood everywhere. Dead bodies lay on the stairs and all around the corridor. Aiming down at the bodies Jill tiptoed by them watching them closely so none grabbed her foot and bit her. She decided to start from the first floor.

She tried the first door on the left hand side. It was unlocked but something was blocking it. Jill pushed and pushed eventually it opened slightly. Jill could see a hand and it was now obvious there was a body against the door. Giving it one more hard push the door opened enough for Jill to squeeze threw. Once she got in she checked the dead body of the woman that was leaning against the door. The dead woman only had half a face left; from the nose down was a purple mass of tissue and chunks of dark wetness hanging from strings of flesh. A dripping snake of intestine flopped out against her white blood soaked shirt. Swallowing down vomit Jill stood up and went to search the rest of the classroom when she heard a moan from a woman coming from behind. She knew straight away it was the woman she just searched. Jill quickly turned round and aimed her gun. Shooting 3 shots the woman fell. Jill kept her aim as she got back up again. Firing another 5 shots the woman fell and never got back up. Wiping away sweat Jill turned and continued searching the room trying not to look at the dead bodies of young children. Finding nothing she exited the room.

Walking across top the door on the opposite side Jill went to open the door only to find it locked. Jill couldn’t get in the next 5 doors. 4 were locked and 1 was blocked by something very heavy. As Jill slowly walked down the dark corridor there was a thump from behind. Spinning around and aiming her gun Jill looked for the source of the noise. She could see nothing except from the vending machine that was once standing lying on its side. Walking slowly backwards with her gun still aimed down the corridor near the vending machine she felt a chill from behind her. Quickly turning she aimed. Nothing there. Sighing Jill stopped aiming and continued to the door.

The door led Jill into another corridor. It was darker than the last one. Taking a deep breath Jill took a few steps forward before hearing a low moaning sound from down the corridor. Taking aim and slowly walking down the corridor the figure of a child could be seen. Jill guessed she was about 14. She wore a white shirt with the school tie and a black skirt, which reached to mid thigh. Her white shirt was blood soaked and her insides could be seen. Poor kid Thought Jill as her finger pulled down slowly on the trigger of her Sigpro SP2009 Handgun. After 8 shots the girl fell to the ground for the last time.


“What the hell!” Said Jill spinning around looking down the other end of the corridor where the noise came from. Looking down the hall into he darkness she could see nothing. She turned to where she killed the young teen when she heard a loud thump from the same place as the scream came from. Loading her gun she slowly walked down to the darkness of the corridor. Jill could feel her heart pounding against her chest, as she got farther in. Whatever it sounded larger than a zombie. From the very bottom of the corridor it sounded like there was something walking about. Any normal person would have run. She thought of turning around and leaving but it was like something was pulling her towards the end of the corridor. Curious as to what it was she continued one slowly walking down the rest of the corridor. There was a spine chilling breeze the closer she got to the end. Reaching the bottom Jill saw nothing. There was a shuffling from behind her. She could feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand. Whatever was down here was now standing behind her. Then she heard a horrible, raspy, creepy voice of something dead.


Jill quickly spun around and her heart leapt into her throat. It looked like a zombie only more advanced. Red eyes glowing from inside a black cloak.

“ARGGGHHHHH!” The monsters charged at Jill snarling. Jill was frozen. She could see the monsters eyes burning red with fury. It’s claw reached for Jill’s throat and in the other hand it held a sledgehammer. Its red eyes glittered with vengeful glee. Jill could not move. She felt it’s cold bony fingers grip round her neck and the last then Jill saw was the sledgehammer and then everything went black.

When Jill woke all she could feel was pain. Jill was too afraid to open her eyes. Afraid encase that thing was hovering over her ready to strike again. She strained her ears to see if she could hear anything. She heard nothing. She could feel something watching her. Crouching over her, waiting to attack again. Jill lay for what seemed forever. To afraid to move. Her back was getting sore and lying here was very uncomfortable. Slowly Jill opened her eyes to slits, but saw no monster. She moved her head looking around. Still nothing. Jill sighed with relief and sat up.

A noise from behind. Jill quickly rolled over and she was glad she did because as she rolled the sledgehammer came down on her again. Lucky it missed. That monster must have some power thought Jill as she looked at the big hole of the floor where She was just sitting from the impact of the hammer. Quickly scrambling to her feet she ran for the door as the monster was trying to get the hammer out of the floor.

Jill ran into another room. It was a music room. She gripped her head, which hurt badly from the hammer. She could feel herself falling to the ground only to be caught by someone soon she lost consciousness.

Rebecca walked down the dirty ally way behind the garage. She walked until she spotted a door. Turning the handle the door opened. Rebecca smiled and walked in. It was the room she saw behind the shutter. Walking over to pick up truck she examined the items that were in the back.

“Hey! Get your ass away from my tuck.” Yelled a deep voice. “Who are you?” Demanded the man.

“I’m Rebecca Chambers, I’m a cop.”

“Hmmmm I asked for the Army and they send me a little girl.”

“Hey! I’m a member of S.T.A.R.S! And don’t call me little girl” Yelled Rebecca.

“Hmmm ok, I apologize. My name is Douglas. I own this gas station.”

“I only came here for some fuel to fuel up the train at the Central Station.”

“Here” Said Douglas handing Rebecca a canister of fuel. “This should be enough to get you just out of the city.”

“You should come with me.”

“No. I have my truck. I still have some things to do here. I will get myself out. Now go on. Get out of here but I have someone who needs to get out of here now. I have locked her in one of my apartment rooms. The apartments are on Euston Street. Here these are the keys. She’s in room 103. I have cleared the apartments of all monsters so there should be no trouble. Take what weapons you need” Said Douglas pointing at the back of his truck, which was full of weapons.

“I have all the weapons I need. Sir I really think you should come with me.”

“I said no. Now please leave.” Said Douglas sternly.

Rebecca sighed and headed back out. Killing all monsters she headed for the apartments on Euston Street. 

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