*Silk Sheets By Linnafan*

(Sex scenes in this chapter again)

Red Lobster later that night

Jill and Rebecca were sitting at a table next to the lobster tank. They were both sipping some red whine as they waited for their lobsters to arrive. Rebecca had come to grips that she loved Jill and was happy that she did. Jill hadn’t taken her eyes off of Rebecca sense they sat down. Some people in the restaurant were looking at them in disgust and others were snickering seeing the way that Jill was looking at Rebecca.

“I feel kind of weird.” Rebecca said. “Lot’s of people are starring at us.”

“I don’t care.” Jill said sipping at her wine. “None of them will ever feel what I feel being with you.”

“That’s very shop opera of you.” Rebecca laughed

The waitress came back up with 2 large lobsters and some shrimp and dipping sauce. She set them down on the table and looked at them before walking away.

“Homophobe.” Jill laughed.

She raised her glass in a toast.

“Here’s to us on our first date.” She said.

“And too many more to come.” Rebecca said taping her glass to Jill’s.

Main Street

After dinner Jill and Rebecca walked down Main Street heading for the local movie theater. They watched a rather good movie called Freddy Vs. Jason. Jill was rooting for Jason to win and Rebecca was for Freddy. After the movie they headed home. Jill dropped Rebecca off out side her house and gave her a kiss good night before heading home.

Rebecca’s house

Rebecca stripped ff the clothes she barrowed from Jill and hopped in the shower. She was happy to be home even though she would rather be with Jill. After her shower she dressed in a nightgown and started painting on her nails. She was using her favorite shade of red. She was just finishing when her phone rang.

“Hello.” She said picking up the phone.

“Hi cutie.” Jill said. “What are you doing?”

“Painting my nails.” Rebecca said. “What about you?”

“Just laying in bed thinking about you.” Jill said.

“You dropped me off 45 minutes ago.” Rebecca said.

“Yea but I just wanted to talk to you.” Jill said.

Rebecca laughed and lay back on her pillow crossing her ankles.

“What do you want to talk about?” Rebecca asked.

“I don’t know.” Jill said. “Anything.”

“That’s a wide subject.” Rebecca laughed.

“So.” Jill said. “When do I get to see you again?”

“You’ll see me tomorrow at work.” Rebecca said.

“I was talking about tonight.” Jill said.

“It’s 9:30.” Rebecca said.

“Yea so.” Jill said.

“You have to be the most sex craved horn dog I’ve ever met.” Rebecca said.

“Yea so.”Jill said. “All I want is to be with you.”

Rebecca laughed and closed her eyes.

“Ok well if you want to see me that bad you have to come over here.” Rebecca said. “But if you do you might as well bring your uniform because you know your not gonna be going home.”

“I’m on my way.” Jill said and the line went dead.

Rebecca hung up her phone and lay on her back for a minute before standing up.

20 minutes later

Jill knocked on Rebecca’s door and heard her invite her in. Jill walked through the door and locked it as soon as it was closed. The whole house was dark except for some candles lighting the path to the bedroom. Rebecca was laying on top her bed wearing a black see through nightgown. Jill was wearing a pair of Jens and a t-shirt with a backpack.

“If I knew you we’re wearing this I would have brought my nightgown.” She said.

“Just lay down.” Rebecca said.

Jill dropped her backpack and stripped down to her underwear and lay next to Rebecca. Rebecca reached beside the bed and brought out a bottle of Red Wine and two glasses. Jill took the glasses and Rebecca poured the wine. She set the bottle down and took one of the glasses from Jill.

“Here’s to us.” Rebecca said.

“And here’s to the night we’re gonna have.” Jill said.

They finished off the bottle leaning against each other.

“Now this is the was a date should go.” Jill said.

“There’s still one thing missing.” Rebecca said.

“Let’s finish our wine then we can have that too.” Jill said.

In one gulp Rebecca finished her wine and set her glass on the nightstand and looked seductively at Jill. Jill smiled and finished her wine and set the glass down. Rebecca leaned in and kissed Jill on the lips tasting the both the wine and her lips.

“Round two.” Jill said unsnapping her bra.

Rebecca slipped out of her nightgown and slid under the covers with Jill doing the same. Rebecca wrapped her arms around Jill’s waist and rolled on top of her pressing her lips to Jill’s. Jill was sliding her hands along Rebecca’s body as her tongue darted in and out of Rebecca’s mouth wrestling with Rebecca’s tongue. Rebecca started moaning as Jill’s hands started caressing Rebecca’s chest. Rebecca felt chills along her back. Jill pulled her lips away from Rebecca’s and started kissing her way down Rebecca’s body to each of her nipples and then moved on.

“This is new.” Rebecca said breathing hard as Jill kissed her thighs.

“You’re gonna love this.” Jill said.

Rebecca looked down at Jill as she kissed all around her vagina then slid her tongue inside. Rebecca gasped and almost leaped out of the bed but slid back down as the pleasure set in. She gasped and moaned as Jill moved her tongue in and out of Rebecca.

“Oh Jill.” Rebecca moaned. “This is great.”

Jill responded by sliding her tongue in deeper inside Rebecca causing her to reach orgasm faster than she ever had in her life. Jill moved back to Rebecca’s lips and kissed her before lying on her back.

“My turn.” She said.

Rebecca smiled and slid between Jill’s legs. Jill put her hand on Rebecca’s head as she kissed around Jill’s vagina.

“Ok Rebecca just go slow until you’re comfortable.” Jill said.

Rebecca slowly touched her tongue to Jill’s vagina and slowly pushed in. She was surprised that she was enjoying the taste. Jill lay still as Rebecca worked on her technique. Rebecca started flicking her tongue Jill making her moan and move her hips with Rebecca’s tongue. Jill was running her hands through Rebecca’s hair as she felt her orgasm building up.

“Oh Rebecca.” She moaned. “Keep going.”

Rebecca was encouraged by Jill’s moans and slid her tongue in deeper and moved faster. Jill’s eyes rolled in the back of her head as she let out a long moan as she climaxed. She arched her back and trembled as her orgasm hit its peak. She collapsed on the bad as Rebecca lie next to her and put her arms around Jill.

“Oh that was wonderful.” Jill panted.

“Yea it was.” Rebecca said.

Jill started stroking Rebecca’s hair and kissed her on the forehead.

“Let’s go to sleep.” Rebecca said.

The candles had burned out leaving the house dark but for the moonlight shining through the window. Jill and Rebecca lay down in the sweat soaked bed looking into each other’s eyes.

“I love you.” Jill said kissing Rebecca on the lips.

“I love you too.” Rebecca said returning the kiss. 

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