*Silk Sheets By Linnafan*

(Warning serious adult situation below!)

Jill woke up later that morning with her arms around Rebecca and her chest pressed to her back.

‘Well I’ll be.’ She thought. ‘She stayed.’

Jill felt a tingle go up her spine as she kissed the back of Rebecca’s neck. Rebecca moaned and shifted in the bed and faced Jill. Her face was peaceful and Jill thought she looked like an Angel when she slept. The sheets were below Rebecca’s chest and Jill just couldn’t help but look.

‘God she is just so beautiful.’ She thought.

Jill smiled and got out of the bed and hopped into the shower. Her head still hurt but the hot water was helping. She was just standing under the shower head when Rebecca pocked her head in the bathroom door.

“Hey Jill save me some hot water.” She said.

“Why don’t you join me?” Jill asked.

“Umm I’d rather not.” Rebecca said and closed the door.

‘She is too up tight.’ Jill thought as she turned off the water and dried off.

Rebecca was sitting on the bed in her underwear when Jill walked out of the shower completely nude with a towel around her hair.

“It’s all yours.” She said.

“Do you walk around nude al the time?” Rebecca asked.

“Well I didn’t bring any clothes in the shower with me.” Jill said.

“Oh.” Rebecca said standing up.

“I’m gonna make some more coffee.” Jill said walking into the kitchen.

Rebecca walked into the bathroom and closed the door making sure it was locked and got into the shower.

‘God Rebecca what are you doing?’ She asked herself as she washed her hair. ‘You are not gay. You know that.’

“I know.” She said aloud.

She sighed and finished her shower then wrapped a towel around her body and hair and walked into the Kitchen.

“Hey Jill do you have some clothes I can wear?” She asked.

“Yea in the closet.” Jill said.

She had gotten dressed while Rebecca was in the shower and was sitting in the living room with a cup of coffee and watching the news. Rebecca searched through Jill’s closet for something that would fit but there was little to choose from seeing as Jill had a considerably larger bust but she managed to find Jill’s old jogging shirt. At one time the shirt must have fit Jill snugly but it was still loose of Rebecca. She also put on a pair of small Jens that Jill had out grown and they fit her like a glove. She felt weird about wearing Jill’s under where so she just wore the shirt and Jens without them.

‘Well not bad I guess.’ She thought looking in the mirror.

She walked into the living room and Jill let a whistle out when she saw her.

“Looking good.” She said.

“Thanks.” Rebecca said sitting on the couch.

“Want some coffee?” Jill asked.

“Yea.” Rebecca said.

Jill walked into the kitchen and got out a cup and filled it with coffee and headed into the living room with the cup in one hand and a small tray with cream and sugar and set them on the table. Rebecca leaned forward to grab the cup and the shirt fell away from her chest.

“I see you’re not wearing a bra.” Jill said as she looked down the shirt.

“You’re drooling.” Rebecca said putting her hand to her chest and sitting back up.

Jill put her hand to her mouth and lowered it.

“I am not.” She said putting her hands on her hips.

“Close enough.” Rebecca said.

Jill sat on the couch next to Rebecca and put he feet on the cushion beside her.

“So where do you want to go for dinner?” Jill asked.

“Somewhere good.” Rebecca said. ‘I might as well milk this.’

“Well Red Lobster is good, Black Angus is good and so it The Outback.” Jill said.

“I’ve never been to Red Lobster before.” Rebecca said.

“It a little pricy but it’s good.” Jill said. “If you want we can go.”

“Ok yea let’s go there.” Rebecca said.

“Boy you are an expensive date.” Jill said.

‘She thinks this is a date?’ Rebecca thought.

Jill set her coffee sup down and leaned her head on Rebecca’s shoulder.

“But you’re worth it.” She said. “I’ll spoil you rotten.”

Rebecca gave a nervous smile and looked at Jull out of the corner of her eyes. Jill put her arms around Rebecca’s waist and closed her eyes.

“Umm Jill.” Rebecca said.

“Yea?” Jill asked.

“We’re not dating.” Rebecca said. “…Are we?”

“I’d like to think so.” Jill said rubbing her cheek on Rebecca’s shoulder. “How about we see how tonight goes first?”

“That sounds good.” Rebecca said a little uneasy.

“No need to be uneasy.” Jill said. “If you don’t want this to go anywhere it won’t. Just let me stay like this for a while.”

Rebecca set her cup down and put an arm around Jill’s shoulder and Jill leaned in closer to her. Rebecca sat on the couch looking at her legs as Jill lay on her shoulder and drifted to sleep.

‘How much does she sleep?’ Rebecca thought. ‘It has to be the hangover.’

Rebecca put her head on Jill’s head and her free hand on Jill’s leg.

‘This isn’t bad at all.’ She thought.

She ran her hand up and down Jill’s thigh and stroked her hair with the other.

‘Oh shit.’ She thought as she felt herself becoming aroused. ‘I like this.’

Jill was fast asleep with her arms around Rebecca’s waist as Rebecca ran her fingers through Jill’s hair. Rebecca’s heart was beating faster than it ever had before as her breathing became louder.

‘Oh God.’ She thought. “Jill wake up.”

“Humm what?” Jill asked sitting up.

“Well umm.” Rebecca said.

Jill looked at her thigh and saw Rebecca’s hand and her other around her shoulder.

“Couldn’t you wait for me to be awake?” She asked with a smile.

“I don’t know what’s happening.” Rebecca said. “All of a sudden I was all turned on and wanted to have sex.”

“Do you still feel like that.” Jill asked.

“Jill get your mind out of the gutter.” Rebecca said.

“You were the one feeling me up.” Jill said.

Jill pulled away from Rebecca and sat with her legs under her.

“Now listen.” Jill said. “I’m in love with you and you know it. And there is something there for you too. It could be love or just curiosity. I don’t know what it is but I think you do.”

“I don’t know.” Rebecca said.

“You remember how you felt when we kissed right?” Jill asked.

“How could I forget?” Rebecca said with a smile.

“You see that smile?” Jill asked. “Tell me that you don’t feel something for me.”

“I do feel something.” Rebecca said. “But it scares me.”

“Why?” Jill asked. “It’s not wrong to be in love.”

“I know.” Rebecca said as tears filled her eyes.

Jill put her arms around Rebecca’s waist and pulled her close to her.

“You don’t have to cry.” She said.

“Please.” Rebecca sobbed. “Tell me what to do.”

“I can’t.” Jill said. “You already know what to do.”

Rebecca buried her face in her hands and cried as Jill tried to comfort her.

“I…I love you.” Rebecca said through her tears.

Jill didn’t say anything she just held Rebecca close to her. Rebecca stopped crying as suddenly as she started and stood up. She stepped in front of Jill and pulled her shirt off and dropped her pants.

“Rebecca?!” Jill said a little surprised.

Rebecca sat on Jill’s lap with one leg one each side of her and wrapped her arms around Jill’s neck. Jill didn’t even try and put up a fight she just sat there as Rebecca pulled Jill’s shirt off and tossed it to the floor. Rebecca looked into Jill’s eyes and leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Jill was surprised by Rebecca’s sudden change and closed her eyes she was even more stunned when Rebecca’s tongue slit past her lips and into her mouth. Jill was completely intoxicated by the taste of Rebecca’s lips wand started pulling her pants and underwear off. They were held on by the boots that Jill was wearing but there was no way she was gonna stop Rebecca to take them off. Rebecca was breathing hard through her mouth and into Jill’s as her tongue fought with Jill’s for dominance of Jill’s mouth. Jill started running her hands along Rebecca’s back as soft moans escaped from her throat.

‘I can’t believe she’s doing this.’ Jill thought. ‘God she’s a good kisser.’

Rebecca removed her arms from around Jill’s neck but held the kiss. She ran her hands down Jill’s body and over her chest. The room seemed to be extremely hot even though it was the middle of winter. Rebecca was rolling Jill’s left nipple between her fingers causing Jill to moan even louder. Jill moved her hands to Rebecca’s stomach and up to her chest. Rebecca jumped when Jill pinched her right nipple and felt tingles along her spine. Jill slowly worked her other hand down Rebecca’s body and in one fluid motion slid her index finger along Rebecca’s rather moist vagina. Rebecca broke the kiss and gasped and looked at Jill with a completely shocked look.

“Just relax.” Jill whispered. “I’ll be gentle.”

Rebecca blushed bright red and nodded and leaned back into the kiss. Jill started rubbing Rebecca’s vagina causing her to moan into her mouth. Jill decided it was a good idea to pull her tongue out of Rebecca’s mouth seeing how she jumped from a simple touch. Jill rubbed Rebecca’s vagina for a few more strokes before sliding her index finger in. Rebecca recoiled from the sudden sensation and almost fell off the couch but Jull caught her and laid her on her back on the couch.

“Here now you won’t hurt yourself.” Jill said and kissed her on the lips and moved her lips down to Rebecca’s chest.

Rebecca had her arms beside her bode as Jill slid her hand back down her body. Rebecca spread her legs as Jill got closer. She had one let hanging off the couch and the other over the back. Jill ran her finger along Rebecca’s vagina again then slid it back in. Rebecca jumped again but because she was laying down she didn’t go any where.

“Ohhhh.” She moaned as Jill started moving her finger.

Rebecca was on fire with passion and was moving her hips with Jill’s finger. Jill looked into Rebecca’s eyes and saw that she was enjoying every second of it. She smiled and playfully nibbled on Rebecca’s right nipple and slid another finger in. Rebecca let out a primal scream as she passed her breaking point. Every nerve ending in her body was tingling as she bucked and arced her back. She finally collapsed on the couch breathing hard with sweat covering her body.

“I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you liked that.” Jill said removing her fingers and putting them in her mouth.

“Oh God yes.” Rebecca panted.

Jill slid her body along Rebecca’s and looked her in her eyes.

“Do you have any fears now?” She asked kissing her on the lips.

“Only one.” Rebecca said.

“And that is?” Jill asked.

“That I won’t be able to give you the same pleasure.” Rebecca said.

“I’ll be your coach.” Jill said.

Rebecca laughed and slid out from under Jill. Jill smiled and lay on her back. Rebecca remembered what she saw in a porno when she was 18 when a woman was licking another woman’s vagina and decided to give it a try. Jill spread her legs as Rebecca moved her hand down her body. Rebecca was kneeling on the floor as she played with Jill. She licked her lips and moved if. Very cautiously she stuck her tongue out and touched it to Jill’s vagina.

“Whoa you’re moving fast.” Jill said. “Maybe you should do something else.”

“You don’t think I can handle it?” Rebecca asked.

“I think you can.” Jill said. “But I can’t”

“It feels that good?” Rebecca asked.

“It’s the best.” Jill said. “Then why didn’t you do it to me?”

“I didn’t want to cause an overload.” Jill said. “You would have lost it.”

Rebecca smiled and climbed on the couch and pressed her lips to Jill’s. She kept her hand on Jill’s vagina and began stroking it in a circular motion. Jill started moaning as she closed her eyes. Rebecca slid 2 finger’s into Jill and felt her shiver.

“Did it hurt?” Rebecca asked.

“No.” Jill said. “Keep going.”

Rebecca sighed with relief and started moving her fingers. Jill closed her eyed and leaned her head back and moaned. Rebecca was hovering above Jill as she moaned and leaned down and kissed Jill’s neck. Jill moved her head down and Rebecca pressed her lips to Jill’s in another heated kiss. Jill could feel her climax building up inside her and knew she was gonna go soon.

“Oh Rebecca.” She moaned. “Don’t stop I’m…I’m gonna c…cum”

Jill felt herself let go as wave’s of pleasure hit her. She was bucking so hard Rebecca had to lay on her to pin her to the couch. Jill moved her hips side to side until the orgasm subsided.

“Oh, Oh my.” Jill panted. “That was the best I’ve ever had.”

Rebecca blushed and smiled.

“What I’m serious.” Jill said putting her arms around Rebecca and pulling her back on top of her.

Jill wrapped her legs around Rebecca’s waist and kissed her on the lips flicking her tongue in and out of Rebecca’s mouth. They were both sweating as they lay in each other’s arms. Rebecca was so overcome with joy she had tears in her eyes as she kissed Jill over and over again. Slowly they both stood up and walked into the bath room. Jill turned on the shower and got in.

“You know.” Rebecca said. “Most of the time it’s dinner first. Then sex.”

“Well we’re still gonna be having dinner.” Jill said.

“And lots more sex.” Rebecca said climbing into the shower with Jill and shutting the shower door.


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