*Silk Sheets By Linnafan*

Rebecca opened her eyes and found the sun shining through the window. Her head was still swimming from the party that Chris put on the night before. She sat up and felt something hit her lap. She looked down and focused her eyes on a hand.

‘Oh great who did I go home with this time?’ She thought.

She lifted the hand and put it by her side. Her breasts were fully exposed but that was the least of her worries her main concern was trying to find a condom that hopefully she wasn’t too shit faced to forget. She didn’t find one and she fell back on the pillow.

‘Oh shit.’ She thought. ‘I could be pregnant.’

The person sleeping beside her moved and took in a deep breath. Rebecca prayed it wasn’t that sick bastard Jim that was always hitting on her at the parties. She swallowed and looked to see who it was.

“Whoa!” She yelled jumping out of the bed.

Jill sat up at the sudden out burst and looked at Rebecca who had her back pressed against the wall.

“What’s wrong?” Jill asked.

“Did…did w..we.” Rebecca said trembling.

“Have sex?” Jill asked.

“Yea.” Rebecca said.

“Unfortunately no.” Jill said. “We both were too shit faced.”

Rebecca relaxed a bit and picked up her clothes and started getting dressed.

“Leaving so soon?” Jill asked.

Rebecca didn’t say anything she just kept getting dressed and headed for the door. Jill was out of the bed and moving like a flash and blocked the door.

“Don’t go yet.” She said.

“Jill I can’t do this.” Rebecca said.

“Do what sleep beside me? Because that’s all we did.” Jill said.

“I’m not into women.” Rebecca said.

Jill folded her arms across her bare chest and looked at Rebecca.

“You were the one that came onto me.” She said.

“I would never.” Rebecca said.

“Bull shit.” Jill said. “We were in a taxi taking us home. You didn’t have any money and I only had enough to get to my house so you came in with me.”

“Yea I remember that.” Rebecca said.

“I started making some coffee as you took a shower.” Jill said. “You walked out and came up behind me and kissed me on the neck.”

“But I’m straight.” Rebecca said.

“You weren’t saying that last night.” Jill said. “Hell you weren’t saying much of anything.”

“What do you mean?” Rebecca asked turning red.

“When I turned around after you kissed my neck you damn near pinned me to the refrigerator.” Jill said. “Before I knew what was happening you had your tongue in my mouth.”

“I did?” Rebecca asked turning even redder.

“I was rather shocked but I let you have your way.” Jill said. “I’ve fantasized about you ever sense you joined Alpha team.”

“You…you have?” Rebecca asked.

“Oh yea.” Jill said. “We managed to get to the bedroom and strip out cloths off and get into bed. But just when things were getting good you passed out. It would be considered rape if I continued so I stopped.”

Rebecca looked at the floor as she remembered that she was the one that came onto Jill not the other way around.

“I don’t know what I was thinking.” Rebecca said. “I didn’t want to give you the wrong impression.”

“And what was the impression you were trying for?” Jill asked.

“I don’t know.” Rebecca said. “Not that I’m gay.”

“Well you crashed and burned.” Jill said. “Now if you want you can go or you can stay and have something to eat.”

“Well I am hungry.” Rebecca said.

“Ok then.” Jill said. “Let’s get something to eat.”
Jill threw a pair of sweat pants and a shirt that hung below her bust line on and headed into the kitchen with Rebecca. She made some eggs and toaster waffles and a pot of coffee. Rebecca was sitting at the table thinking about the night before as Jill set the table.

‘On the bright side I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant.’ She thought. ‘Jill is cute but she’s a woman.’

“Here we go.” Jill said. “Scrambled eggs some shell and gourmet frozen waffles.”

Rebecca laughed as she took the plait from Jill.

“Hey she smiled.” Jill said sitting at the table.

Rebecca gave a small laugh and started playing with her food.

‘I know she likes me.’ Rebecca thought. ‘And to tell the truth she would be a good person to be with I mean she’s strong and funny and she would be able to take care of me. But she’s a woman.’

Jill was sipping at her coffee and watching Rebecca play with her food.

“Rebecca you don’t have to worry I’m not gonna tell anyone.” Jill said.

“I know.” Rebecca said. “I’m just surprised that I came onto you.”

“So was I.” Jill said. “I’m willing to let it go as if it never happened. Are you?”

“Well yea but still.” Rebecca said. “I kissed you first. Hell I don’t even know what it was like.”

Jill laughed and leaned back in her chair.

“Better be careful Rebecca or you may find out that you DO like girls.” She said.

“Not likely.” Rebecca said.

“Hey I’ll tell you what.” Jill said. “If you can kiss me and say you still don’t like girls I’ll drop the subject.”

“And if not?” Rebecca asked.

“Well I’d like to take you out to dinner.” Jill said.

‘I see the point in that.” Rebecca thought. ‘It’s sink or swim.’

“So what do you say?” Jill asked.

“Well I don’t know.” Rebecca said.

“It will just be between me, you and the walls.” Jill said.

“Ok.” Rebecca said standing up.

Jill stood up and walked around the table and was met halfway by Rebecca. Rebecca was bright red and couldn’t look Jill in the eyes. Jill reached out her hand and placed it under Rebecca’s chin and forced her to look up at her. Rebecca’s eyes darted around the room looking at everything but Jill. Jill licked her lips and leaned in and pressed them to Rebecca’s. Rebecca squeezed her pants at the feeling but soon started to relax.

‘This isn’t bad at all.’ She thought. ‘Hell I kind of like it.’

Jill had her hand still on Rebecca’s chin and the other was on Rebecca’s shoulder. Jill to say the least was loving it. She was kissing a girl she liked and she was sober too. Rebecca slowly raised a trembling hand and put it on Jill’s cheek. And put the other around Jill’s waist and pulled her closer.

‘Ok stage two.’ Jill thought and reached her tongue out and it went right into Rebecca’s mouth.

Rebecca’s eyes shot open when she felt Jill’s tongue probing her mouth. She was a bit surprised to find that she was doing the same to Jill.

‘She’s really into this.’ Jill thought.

Rebecca took her hand off Jill’s cheek and put it around her back and pulled her even closer.

‘I’m a goner.’ She thought as Jill dropped both her hands and wrapped them around Rebecca’s waist.

After a moment Jill pulled her tongue out of Rebecca’s mouth and pulled away from the kiss. They looked into each other’s eyes for what seemed like ages then Jill smiled.

“If you say you didn’t like that I’m gonna have to slap you.” Jill said.

“I loved it.” Rebecca said.

“See I told you you would.” Jill said.

They were still in each other’s arms when Rebecca’s stomach rumbled. Jill laughed and let her go.

“Let’s eat.” She said.

Rebecca smiled and walked back to her plate and wolfed her food down.

“Hungry?” Jill laughed.

“A little.” Rebecca said.

“Well save some room for dinner.” Jill said.

“I will.” Rebecca said.

“No drinking.” Jill added.

“Sorry but your not getting into my pants tonight.” Rebecca said.

“Well then drink all you want.” Jill laughed.

They finished eating and walked back into the bed room. Rebecca stripped down to her under where and lay down and Jill removed all her clothes and lay next to her. Rebecca was looking right up as the ceiling with her hands gripping the sheets.

“I’m not gonna bite.” Jill said. “Well hard.”

Jill scooted in and put her arms around Rebecca and kissed her on the neck.

“Look we both have huge hangover’s lets go back to sleep.” Jill said.

“I wouldn’t be laying her if I didn’t want to go back to sleep.” Rebecca said turning her heat and looking at her.

“Good point.” Jill laughed. “Are you still gonna be here when I wake up?”

“Yea.” Rebecca said. “You owe me dinner after all.”

Jill smiled and kissed Rebecca on the lips and closed her eyes and fell asleep with a smile across her lips. Rebecca was stroking Jill’s arm that was across her waist as she slowly drifted to sleep.

‘This isn’t wrong.’ She thought. ‘Jill is a beautiful woman. And so am I so where is the fault in us being together?’

She looked at the woman sleeping beside her and smiled.

‘This is a good thing.’ She thought and kissed Jill then fell asleep.


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