*Resident Evil Nightmare By Linnafan*

Landing pad

Chris and the others ran across the landing pad and ran to the radio tower that was on the other end.

“Ok I’ll have this going in just a minute.” Plisken said and reached into his vest and with one hand plugged a spare fuse into the radio. “Ok it’s up.”

“That’s it?” Chris asked.

“Yep.” Plisken said picking up the microphone. “HQ HQ this is Stingray 7 come in over.”

“This is HQ it’s good to hear from you again Stingray 7 what’s the situation? Over.” The operator said.

“HQ Stingray team has been destroyed I am the only survivor.” Plisken said. “One of the rescue team members is infected and is turning fast we need the antivirus immediately. Over.”

“Rodger that Stingray 7 Medical Evac. Is inbound. Over” The operator said.

“10-4 HQ we’re waiting for the shipment. Out.” Plisken said. “They’ll be here soon.”

“Good.” Chris said keying down on his Head set. “Jill the antivirus is on its way. How’s she doing?”

“Not good.” Jill said. “She’s going into shock.”

“We’ll be back as soon as we can.” Chris said.

Cell block C

Jill was slowly rocking Rebecca back and forth in her arms with her chin resting on Rebecca’s head. She knew Rebecca was in trouble but she was trying not to show her fear.

“Jill.” Rebecca said weakly.

“I’m right here.” Jill said.

“Am I gonna die?” Rebecca asked.

“No no of course not.” Jill said hugging her. “Chris and the others will be back soon.”

“If...If I don’t make it I…I want you to know that I love you.” Rebecca said.

“I love you too.” Jill said as tears rolled down her face.

Johnny heard the conversation and stepped out of the cell block.

“Hey Chris you guys better get back here fast Rebecca is slipping.” He said looking over his shoulder.

“The chopper is in site.” Chris said. “We will be back in 10 minutes.”

“Make it 5.” Jill said. “She’s falling fast.”

“We’ll try.” Chris said.


The chopper landed on the pad and a doctor jumped out.

“Where is the injured member?” She asked.

“In Cell block C.” Chris said. “We could move faster without her.”

“Ok inject this right into her heart.” The doctor said and handed Chris a syringe.

She handed Leon a box full of syringes incase any more were infected.

“Ok take him with you.” Chris said pushing Plisken forward.

“I’m staying.” Plisken said.

“Leon get him on the chopper.” Chris said as he started running across the helipad.

Anna and Kim ran with him as Leon, Clare and Julie wrestled Plisken into the chopper. He was held down by the doctor and door gunner as the chopper lifted off. Leon and the other ran after Chris and Kim as fast as they could.

“Jill we have it we’re on our way.” Chris said.

“Hurry she’s not gonna last long.” Jill said.

They ran through Cell block A and through the hall where the bodies of the Rangers were and into Cell block B.

Cell block B

As soon as they were in the cellblock several zombies came through the windows and out of the previously empty cells.

“Oh shit.” Chris said as he skidded to a halt.

The team all let loose with their weapons mowing down every zombie in their path. The last one fell to the floor with a shotgun blast to the head and the team started moving again. They were almost to the door to Cell block C when Julie stopped.

“What the hell is that?” She asked pointing to the 3rd floor.

The team looked up and saw a large monster eating a zombie.

“That’s the thing that ate Mrs. Baker.” Clare said.

“How did it get here?” Chris asked.

“You ask it I’ll shoot it.” Clare said.

The monster finished its snack and jumped down to the floor in front of the others and quickly ate all the zombies around it.

“Well I guess we know why we didn’t see any zombies the Rangers killed.” Leon said.

Now that the monster was finished with the corpses it turned it’s attention to the team. This was an ugly beast to say the least. It was about 9 feet high with one long arm and another regular human size. It’s mouth opened 4 feel wide and could swallow a human whole. There where 1 great eye where 2 once stood. It looked at the team and picked out the juiciest one and stepped forward.

“Spread out.” Chris said.

The team did as they were ordered and put some distance between them. The beast was looking at Kim with drool coming out of its mouth.

“Johnny we need your help.” Chris said. “This thing is huge.”

“I’m on my way.” Johnny said.

Chris circled around behind the monster and headed for the door.

“You guys take care of this I’m gonna get this to Rebecca.” He said.

Chris ran through the door and ran past Johnny and headed for Rebecca’s cell leaving the others to fight.

“Man this thing is ugly.” Clare said.

None of them had fired a shot until Johnny was in the cell block and in front of it then the room exploded with gunfire. Clare emptied her shotgun into the thing and it never even flinched. Johnny was unloading a belt of ammo from his M60 into it but the holes closed as fast as he was putting them into it.

“This isn’t working.” Kim yelled as she reloaded her AK.47. “Johnny toss me a grenade.”

Johnny lobbed a grenade to Kim and she dropped her rifle.

“Ok you bastard want something to eat?” She said pulling the pin but holding the release lever. “Saw awe.”

As if on cue the monster opened its mouth as it lunged for Kim. She jumped out of it’s reach and tossed the grenade into it’s mouth.

“Hit the dirt.” Kim yelled and dove into one of the cells.

Seconds later the grenade exploded sending slimy pieces of the monster everywhere. The team looked up and saw what was left of the monster fall to the floor in a smoking pile.

“You got it.” Clare yelled clapping her hands.

“Let’s go check on Rebecca.” Leon said and headed for the door.

Cell block C

Chris ran into Rebecca’s cell where Jill was still rocking Rebecca in her arms.

“I got it.” He said stepping forward. “How’s she doing?”

“Not to good.” Jill said looking up and Chris with tears in her eyes. “She’s dead.”


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