*Resident Evil Nightmare By Linnafan*


Johnny was on point and heading slowly down the stairs with his M60 at the ready. Jill was behind him followed by Rebecca, Kim, Anna, Julie Leon, Clare and Chris. The stairway was about 3 floors long and circled around the shaft. They reached the bottom and found the door had been blown off it’s hinges with C4 explosives.

“The door must have been rusted shut.” Johnny said stepping over the remains of the door.

Medical center

The room had a few beds still stained with sweat and blood from the prisoners that used to reside in the prison. The team swept the room for any sighs of the Rangers and only found some bullet casings on the floor.

“Well looks like they ran into something.” Johnny said kicking a few of the shells.

“Ok let’s get going.” Chris said. “I’m betting that the team needs our help. If their still alive.”

“You just had to ad that didn’t you?” Jill asked.

“Move out.” Chris ordered.

Cell block A

The team made their way through the Medical center and through processing and stood in a large cell block. There were bullet casings on the floor but nothing else.

“Looks like they met some heavy resistance.” Jill said.

“Yea but where are the bodies?” Rebecca asked. “I don’t see a single one.”

“Yea I don’t like it.” Jill said.

The cell doors were all open and it looked like people were living in them until recently. Johnny stayed on point all the way through the cell block to a staircase.

“Ok split up and search all the floors.” Chris said. “Anna get to the top level and provide cover.”

They searched all the levels and confirmed that it was empty and regrouped at the staircase.

“This is spooky.” Clare said. “We haven’t seen anything.”

“I agree.” Chris said. “But in any case we have our mission so let’s get it over with.”

They headed for the only door in the cellblock that they hadn’t checked you that led into cell block B. Johnny pushed open the door and quickly stepped back when the smell of gunpowder hit him.

“Whoa.” He said looking into the room.

Laying on the floor of the hallway was what looked like the Rangers but they were torn to pieces.

“Oh my God.” Anna said turning her head and vomiting.

“What happened to them?” Jill asked.

“It looks like they were ripped apart by something big.” Rebecca said looking at the wounds on the nearest man.

“We never saw it.” A voice said.

The whole team pulled up their weapons and aimed at where the voice came from. A man in a tactical vest slowly walked from the shadows. He had a large wound on his shoulder and the arm was useless.

“What happened?” Rebecca asked talking off her medical pack.

“We were clearing the room.” The Ranger said. “Then suddenly Hawkins started screaming. We looked back at him and saw him get ripped apart by nothing. Then Keller was ripped apart also. We started shooting in all directions but one by one the whole team was slaughtered. I took cover in the corner and it must not have seen me.”

“Then how did you get this wound?” Rebecca asked wrapping the wound.

“Murphy had a shotgun and put a slug in my shoulder. It was a mild explosive tip so it put a larger hole.” The Ranger said.

“What happen in the other rooms we found bullet casings but nothing else.” Johnny asked.

“You didn’t see any of the zombies?” The Ranger asked.

“No.” Johnny said.

“There were dozens of them.” He said.

“We haven’t seem any.” Jill said.

“I don’t know why.” He said.

“What’s your name solder.” Chris asked.

“PFC Plisken sir.” He said.

“Are you the only one still alive Plisken?” Chris asked.

“Yes.” Plisken said.

“Our mission is to get you out.” Chris said.

“My mission isn’t finished.” Plisken said. “I’m under order to finish the mission no matter what.”

“Your orders have been changed.” Chris said.

“Listen.” Plisken said. “My team is dead I want to get the son of a bitch that did it.”

“I understand that.” Chris said. “But we still need to get you out besides the arm of yours is useless.”

“I know that.” Plisken said. “But I only need one arm to rig the explosives.”

“Explosives?” Jill asked.

“Yea orders state that if the team is all killed then the last man is to set a small nuclear device in the gas chamber.” Plisken said.

“WHAT?” the whole team said.

“It’s just big enough to destroy the island but no where else.” Plisken said.

“I’m not gonna let you detonate a nuke.” Chris said.

“What are you gonna do then?” Plisken asked.

Chris looked at his team.

“What do you guys think?” He asked.

“We can’t let him nuke the island.” Johnny said.

“Let’s finish the mission he started.” Leon said.

“Is everyone good with that?” Chris asked.

The whole team nodded yes and Chris sighed.

“Ok we’ll finish the mission so you don’t have to nuke the island.” Chris said.

“Ok.” Plisken said. “Intel has indicated that the virus is coming from death row on B3.”

“Well let’s get going.” Chris said.

The team slowly went through the prison slower than they had been listening for anything that was coming for them. It was about 2 hours later when they finally got to B3 from the stairs.

“Man this place is big.” Clare said.

“No kidding.” Julie said.

Solitary confinement

The team along with Plisken headed down the narrow corridor with black cells on each side.

“Talk about ambush central.” Anna said.

“Hey Rebecca keep away from the cells we can’t see in them.” Chris said.

Rebecca started stepping away from the cell she was at when a pair of hands reached out and grabbed her lets. She screamed as she was pulled to the floor and through the door.

“Rebecca!” Jill screamed dropping her weapon and grabbing her arms and pulling back.

“Jill help me!” Rebecca screamed.

Chris and Leon both ran to Jill and grabbed Rebecca’s arms and started pulling. The rest of the team started shooting into the room hoping to hit the thing that had her.

“Look out.” Plisken yelled as he pulled a flare from his vest and ignited it.

As he tossed it into the room Rebecca screamed in pain the room was lit up by the flare and everyone saw 4 zombies pulling Rebecca in.

“Hold your fire you might hit her.” Jill yelled.

Julie dropped her weapon and drew her sword and jumped over Rebecca and sliced off the zombies hands. The team toppled backwards as Rebecca came loose. Julie quickly removed the 4 zombies heads and walked back into the corridor. Rebecca was laying on her back with blood pumping from the wound on her leg.

“Oh shit it bit her.” Chris said.

“No.” Jill said not believing what she was seeing.

“She’ll make it.” Plisken said. “There is an antivirus at HQ.”

“How do we get back?” Chris asked.

“There is a radio tower near the drop off point.” Plisken said. “Pick her up and lets go other wise she is gonna be one of them in under an hour.”

“It…It takes at least 3 hours.” Rebecca said.

“Not this one.” Plisken said. “Let’s move.

Chris and Leon lifted Rebecca off the floor and headed back up the stairs and into Cell block C.

“I don’t feel so hot.” Rebecca said.

“Your turning.” Plisken said. “Faster than I thought. We don’t have long.”

He looked around and saw one of the cells with a bed.

“Ok let’s set her down in there.” He said.

Chris and Leon ran into the cell and laid Rebecca on the bed.

“We’ll be back.” Chris said. “Johnny stay with her.”

“I’m staying too.” Jill said.

“Ok the rest of you lets get moving.” Chris said.

Jill sat beside Rebecca on the edge of the bed and put her hand on Rebecca’s cheek.

“She’s burning up.” She said.

Rebecca was starting to turn pale and was sweating badly. There were dark rings around her eyes and her lips were turning blue.

“Rebecca are you still with me?” Jill asked.

“I’m…I’m not going anywhere.” Rebecca said feverishly.

Jill moved so he was sitting with her back to the wall and Rebecca’s head was resting in her lap. She was stroking Rebecca’s hair as Johnny stood guard at the door.

“I’m cold.” Rebecca said.

‘God it’s moving fast.’ Jill thought. “Johnny hand me the blanket out of Rebecca’s pack.”

Johnny searched through the pack and pulled out a gray blanket that was for emergency’s and handed it to Jill.

“Ok sit up.” Jill said pulling Rebecca to a sitting position and wrapping the blanket around her.

Rebecca leaned back so she was right up against Jill’s body and her head was resting under Jill’s chin. Jill put her arms around Rebecca and held her praying that the others would come back soon.


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